How to Clean Luxury Vinyl Plank Floors? (Best DIY Ways To Clean Vinyl Floor)

After you’ve spent your hard-earned money to install a stunning luxury vinyl floor, you’ll obviously want to ensure that they look fresh for a long time. 

However, if you use the wrong method, you can end up ruining your vinyl floors. The trick is to use methods that are not just effective but safe as well.

If you want to know how to clean luxury vinyl plank floors, then you’ve come to the right place. This article provides various methods to deal with any sort of stain on your luxury vinyl floors.

What Is Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring? Why Should You Maintain Them?

how to clean luxury vinyl plank floor

Luxury vinyl is waterproof and durable flooring that looks like premium stone or hardwood flooring without the expensive price tag. 

They are also known as LVP/LVT and consist of multiple layers that contribute to their durability, design, and low maintenance, making them an excellent flooring choice. They are particularly great if you want luxurious flooring under a budget.

As with all flooring material, you must clean and maintain your luxury vinyl flooring to ensure that they last a long time. If you leave it dirty for a long time, the stains can become permanent, and you’ll have no other option but to replace them.

In the end, you’ll end up wasting a lot of money, replacing your floors every now and then. Taking small steps every day not only maintains their aesthetics but ensures longevity as well.

Best Ways to Clean Vinyl Plank Flooring:

With the steps mentioned below, you can easily remove all sorts of dirt, debris, and stain from your luxury vinyl flooring in no-time.

Method 1: Clean vinyl floors with vinegar? (Homemade solution)

Things You’ll Need:

  • White vinegar
  • Hand Gloves
  • Vacuum/broom
  • Hot water
  • A bucket
  • Rag or mop
  • Dry cloth/tiss
  • Essential oil

Step by Step Method:

Step one: Firstly, vacuum or sweep your floor so that the vinegar has direct contact with your floor. Combine equal parts of white vinegar and hot water into the bucket and mix vigorously. White vinegar has a powerful smell, so if you want to mask it, you can consider adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil. You can also replace white vinegar with apple cider vinegar.

Step two: Make sure you use rubber gloves at all times to prevent skin irritation. Before you try the solution all over the floor, try it in a less discernible area and see if there’s any adverse reaction. If there is, you shouldn’t use it. Gather all your cleaning tools in one place for an uninterrupted cleaning session.

Step three: Next, dip your cleaning tool into the bucket and squeeze out the excess. Moisture isn’t good for vinyl plank flooring as it can weaken glue bonds. Start from the furthest corner from your door and work your way out. Don’t be too abrasive as this will remove the film from your floor. Focus on a single area using back and forth motion before moving to the next.

Step four: Always use a clean mop while cleaning your luxury vinyl floor. If your mop gets dirty, use a different mop, or else you’ll just end up spreading the dirt and debris around. If there’s any excess moisture, soak it up using a dry cloth or tissue. Let your floor air dry and store your tools in a cool and dry place. You can use this method whenever you need to clean your floors.

Method 2: Deep Cleaning Of Your Vinyl Floor

deep cleaning vinyl floors

Things You’ll Need:

  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Dishwashing detergent
  • Old toothbrush
  • Wooden spoon
  • Vacuum or broom
  • Bucket
  • Water
  • Rag or sponge mop

Step by Step Method:

Step one: Vacuum or sweep your floors to eliminate loose debris, dirt, and dust for an efficient cleaning session. After that, pour ½ a cup of dishwashing detergent, ½ a cup of apple cider vinegar, and 1qt lukewarm water into the bucket. Using the wooden spoon, stir the solution, and you might see some bubbles forming, but that’s completely fine. Vinegar can seep into cuts and bruises and irritate your skin, so ensure that you’re wearing your gloves. Do a patch test of the solution first before trying all over your floors.

Step two: Dip your rag or sponge mop into the bucket and wring out the excess. Starting from the furthest corner to your door, clean in a back and forth motion. Ensure that no part of your floor is missed, and you must routinely wring out your mop. It’s best that you keep a separate bucket of clean water to wash your mop whenever necessary. You must not clean with a dirty mop as it’ll just spread the dirt around. After you’re done, clean your mop again.

Step three: Use the toothbrush to clean hard to reach places and corners. Using the plain water and mop, rinse your luxury vinyl floors to ensure no residues are left behind.

Step four: Finally, let your floors dry out thoroughly and store your tools. You can also use it as a spot treatment. Use this method 1-2 times a week to give your luxury vinyl plank flooring a deep clean.

Maintaining Your Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring:

Prevent Footprints And Other Scuffs On Vinyl Plank Flooring:

If you don’t want footprints and other scuffs all over your luxury vinyl plank flooring, there are a few steps you can take. First of all, use as little water as possible as excess water can leave behind stains and attract footprints. For scuffs, add some jojoba oil onto a dry cloth and keep scrubbing the affected area until the scuffs are gone.

Additionally, whenever you’re cleaning, start from the furthest corner of your door and work your way out the door so that you don’t end up stepping all over newly cleaned floors. 

You must also ensure that all your cleaning necessities are nearby so that you don’t have to go and get them continuously. Lastly, let your floors dry out thoroughly before you step in.

How To Make Your Vinyl Floors Shine:

For that, you can make your own DIY solution. Combine equal parts of white vinegar and water and put it into a spray bottle. After that, add a few drops of water to the solution. Spray it on the floor and wipe it using a dry cloth. 

Do a patch test first, and you can carry on if there’s no adverse reaction. Use this solution to polish and add a little shine whenever necessary. You can also buy a ready-made vinyl floor polisher.

What Cleaning Products Are Safe For Luxury Vinyl Planks?

If you want to use a cleanser on your luxury vinyl floors, make sure they are pH-neutral. When trying to remove stains from vinyl floors, refrain from using abrasive scrubbers, solutions containing ammonia, or detergents. They can leave behind a dull film or damage your floors. 

We also don’t recommend using any kind of ammonia-based cleaning products. These cleaner can dull your floor finish.

One of the best ways to clean vinyl floors is by using home remedies like apple cider vinegar. It can eliminate stains without leaving behind a soapy film.

Final Words:

One of the main reasons people gravitate towards luxury vinyl plank flooring is that they look absolutely gorgeous without costing a fortune. And if you take care of them properly, they’ll grace your home for a long time. 

However, you must refrain from using harsh chemicals and scrubbers as they can be hazardous for vinyl floors. With the tips mentioned above, you can safely and effectively clean your luxury vinyl plank flooring.