How to Clean Floor Tiles Grout? (Best Way to Clean Tile Floors)

Tiles can make your home look impeccable, but cleaning grout can be a nightmare. Grout lines are a hotspot for dirt and grime, and with the wrong method, you can end up scratching and running your tiles instead.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Through our years of experience covering various cleaning methods and techniques, we bring you the best and easiest method on how to clean floor tiles grout.

How to Clean Floor Tiles Grout?

Depending on the intensity of grout, you can deal with it through different techniques. This article shows you how you can clean grout from your tiles through homemade remedies, steam cleaner, and a professional technique as well.

how to clean floor tiles grout

Method 1: Homemade/DIY Process For Removing Grout:

If your grout lines aren’t particularly dirty, a DIY method will do the trick. This is one of the best homemade tile grout cleaner process. Plus, this method won’t burn a hole in your pocket and uses simple and easily available tools for cleaning grout from tiles.

Things you’ll need:

  • Cleaning toothbrush
  • Spray bottle
  • Cotton cloth
  • Water
  • Baking soda
  • Lemon water (optional)

Step-By-Step Process:

1. Get ready: Collect the required tools and get ready for cleaning. Firstly, you must pour the water into the spray bottle.

2. Spray the grout lines: Now, you can spray along the grout lines with the spray bottle. Concentrate on a small area first before moving to the next. It’s best if you spray one line at a time. If your grout lines are particularly tough, you can put lemon water along the lines instead of using water.

3. Apply baking soda: Apply the paste along the sprayed line and let the paste sit for about 15 minutes. The baking soda will loosen the grout.

4. Scrub the grout lines: Spray some more water on top of the paste and afterward, using the toothbrush to scrub along the lines in a back and forth motion. You can also use an electric toothbrush for more deep cleaning of your grout line. You’ll notice the grout lines coming off.

5. Wipe dry: Finally, wipe off the scrubbed area using the white cloth. You can repeat the process in another area with grout lines.

Method 2: Using Steam Cleaner To Clean Grout Lines:

Steam cleaners are extremely powerful tools, and they are the best way to deep clean the tile floor and grout. They are particularly effective for melting old and deep grout lines. The best steam cleaner for grout will be effective for soap scum residue and other hard to remove
debris from your bathroom surface.

Things you’ll need:

  • Steam cleaner (preferably a unit that comes with a grout brush attachment)
  • Vacuum/Mop/broom
  • Sponges/ dry cloth

Step-By-Step Process:

1. Vacuum the tiles: Firstly, you must vacuum the tiles to remove loose dirt and debris that would otherwise hinder your steam cleaning process. This ensures that your steam cleaner has direct access to your grout lines. If you don’t own a vacuum, you can also use a mop or broom.

2. Get your unit ready: Fill up your unit’s water tank with water and get it ready. Generally, it takes just a few minutes to heat up. Afterward, attach the hose and the appropriate brush head. Some units come with a brush, particularly for cleaning grout; you might want to get your hands on them if you don’t already have one. On a less visible area, do a patch test, and if there’s no adverse reaction, you can continue steam cleaning the entire area.

3. Start steaming: Begin from the area farthest from the door and start steaming and scrubbing vigorously in a back and forth motion. You must clean a smaller area first and then to the next section. If you want to work on walls, start from the top and move downwards so that the dirty water doesn’t mess up the uncleaned sections.

4. Wipe the cleaned areas: After you’ve steamed an area, use a sponge or a dry cloth to mop up the steamed section to ensure that the dirty water doesn’t settle back in. You can repeat the entire process until the whole area is cleaned. After you’re done, clean the sponges and store your unit in a cool and dry place.

You can also watch the following video to learn more about cleaning tiles and grout by using a handheld steam cleaner.

Method 3: Professional Technique For Cleaning

How do professionals clean grout? With the method below, you can do so without having to pay a professional price. It’s a comprehensive and effective method of dealing with messy grout.

Things you’ll need:

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Tile and grout cleaner
  • Grout brush
  • Mop
  • Water & bucket

Step-By-Step Process:

1. Vacuum your floors: Firstly, vacuum or sweep your floors to remove all loose unwanted dirt and debris. This will make your cleaning process more productive later.

2. Apply grout cleaner: Apply the grout cleaner along the grout lines and let it dwell for about 10 minutes. It’s best you do a patch test first to ensure there’s no adverse reaction. After some time, the cleaner will penetrate the grout lines and make it easier to remove.

3. Scrub the grout lines: Now that the cleaner has pe
netrated, you can use the grout brush to agitate the grout lines. You’ll notice the dirt and grime coming off.

4. Mop up your floors: Next, soak your mop with water and start cleaning your tiles. During this step, you’ll have to change the water pretty often, depending on how dirty your grout was. If there is still some dirt, you can repeat the process until your tiles are clean. Leave your floors to dry.

5. Seal your grout: Finally, you must seal the grout you just cleaned; otherwise, it’ll get messy really quick.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cleaning Grout:

Q1: How Often Should I Clean Tile Grout? 

Ans: To keep your tiles neat and tidy, its highly recommended that you clean them once every day. You don’t have to scrub them every day, but wiping them should do just fine.

Q2: What Things Shouldn’t be used For Cleaning Grout?

Ans: When you’re cleaning grout, you must take some precautions. Stay away from acidic, colored, and harsh chemicals as they can decrease the longevity of grout and ruin your tiles as well. Similarly, don’t use harsh scrubber on your grout. When cleaning, make sure you don’t use excess water as they can get stuck in between tiles and loosen the adhesive.

Q3: How Can I Maintain Grout Line?

Ans: The best and simplest method of maintaining your grout line is to gently clean them routinely along with deep cleaning once per week. If you notice any breakage after some time, you should consider replacing your grout.

Q4: Is Bleach Safe for Cleaning Grout?

Ans: Using bleach on your grout is not recommended. It can discolor and even weaken the grout leading it to crumble and fall apart. If you still want to use it, you have to be extra careful. However, there are better options for cleaning grout, as highlighted above.

Q5: Can I Use Vinegar To Clean Grout?

Ans: Vinegar, particularly white vinegar, is an old and trusted chemical-free method of cleaning grout. Pour it into a spray bottle and apply it along the grout lines. Let the solution sit for about 10-15 minutes and then scrub it using a brush.

Final Verdict:

Regular cleaning and maintenance can ensure the longevity of your grout. However, after some time, its almost inevitable for the grout lines to get messy. 

You can use the above expert-backed methods to safely and effectively clean your floor tiles grout. If they don’t work, you might have to call in a professional or replace your grout altogether.