Electric Fireplace – Just How Does It Work?

Brace yourselves!!  The winter is coming!!

Heat becomes one of the most critical resources of our homes during the cold weather. There are conventional heating methods like the fire and the modern heating methods like the heaters.

electric fireplace

Modern Electric Fireplace

Usually nowadays having an old-fashioned fireplace in the house is not practical due to the smoke and the non-availability of wood. Most of us then tend to go for the electric heaters. Currently, the trend of electric fireplace is high due to its functioning and looks. So how correctly does an electric fireplace work?

What is an Electric fireplace?

An electric fireplace consists of an electric heater in place of the actual fire. They create a replica of the real fireplace by using the mirrors for the light and flame effect and the use of a thermostat for heating.

Most of them are remotely controlled as well. The use of electric fireplace does not require the traditional chimney system, where the smoke goes out. They merely use electric heaters to perform the heating action.Modern-day fireplaces come equipped with lots of decorative LED lighting effects.

How does an Electric Fireplace work?

The electric fireplace consists of two different working mechanisms

1. The Heating mechanism:

The heating mechanism of the electric fireplace is carried out by the use of an electric heater. There is a thermostat, or a heating coil in the heater which sucks in the cold air of the room heats it and pushes out the hot air. Depending on the size of the room, different electric heaters can be used.

2. The electric Flame:

The electric flame is the highlight of the electric fireplace. It is generally produced by cutting out the mirrors and putting them on a rotating strip. The light is then focused on these rotating mirrors, which reflect it back giving it the look of the actual flames. Both these mechanisms then combine to form the electric flame with the heating effect. They can be customized depending on the size of the room and the heating required.

Let’s watch a 2 minutes video overview of an Electric Fireplace:

Advantages And Disadvantages Of An Electric Fireplace:

ric fireplace inside your room

An electric fireplace will change the outlook of your interior.

Advantages Of An Electric Fireplace:

An electric fireplace is environment-friendly regarding emission of harmful gases like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, etc. If your family member is suffering from any breathing complexities he/she need not worry about getting affected.

Usually, ashes are deposited in the base of the fireplace. But, in case of an electric fireplace, no ashes or residues are left over which makes it effortless to use over and over again. The annual maintenance of electric fireplace is easy, it’s installation process is very straightforward and can be installed anywhere.

There are various advantages of using an electric heater fireplace-

  • High portability- Due to their size and lightweight components, the electric fireplaces can be transported very easily.
  • No chimneys – As there is no actual fire involved, there is no chimney needed. This saves a lot of places and also, as there is no chimney, the structure of the house can be changed easily.
  • Convenience – They are highly convenient as there is no need for coal or wood. Just a click of a button and the electric fireplace is lit.
  • Less maintenance – Maintenance tends out to be at the minimum level as there is no actual fire.
  • Safe – These fireplaces with their electric flames are safe to use and can be operated easily.
  • Decorative – Electric fireplaces nowadays come with LED technology which can change the flame color making it look desirable.

Disadvantages Of An Electric Fireplace:

  • There is always the fear of selling duplicate products that are made up of plastics or materials which may be harmful than the traditional fireplace.
  • Cost is always a concern while using electricity. No electricity means no lighting up of fireplace place. Few people sitting near the fireplace definitely would love to see natural fire flames but here you those artificial flames that never make you feel of a traditional fireplace.
  • One more problem of electric fireplace is lack of heat required is less compared to a traditional fireplace.


The electric fireplaces are not only economical, but they can also provide a positive atmosphere in the background ambiance. With the modern technology of changing the color of the lights, remote control features( Control the heat and color via a remote), high external finishes like the steel or Matt finish, the electric fireplaces certainly adds a decorative touch to your home.


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