Best Vacuum For Tile Floors And Pet Hair Reviews

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If you have tile floors, you’ll know by now that not all vacuums are capable of lifting debris and dust from your floors. Tile floors require special maintenance than the hardwood floors, and that’s why you need to invest in a special vacuum specifically for them.

Modern vacuum cleaners are packed with various features and functionality, making it confusing to find the best vacuum for tile floors. It becomes even more challenging if you’ve pets and kids in your home.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Below, we’ve rounded up the 10 best tile floor vacuums for your home. We evaluated a number of vacuum cleaners from top brands for their overall performance, usability, versatility and so on. We’ve also included a buying guide so that you’ll know which features are important to consider.

Why Do You Need The Best Vacuum Cleaner For Tile Floors?

The powerful suction of the vacuums easily picks up all sorts of dust, debris, and even pet hair without compromising the integrity of your tile floors. This makes vacuums a perfect choice for your tiles floor cleaning.

However, it’s important to note that not all vacuums are suitable for tile floors. Some are too gentle, and some can be too aggressive. Some features are also not ideal for tile floors. 

For instance, a motorized rotating brush roll will work wonders in lifting dirt and particles from high pile carpets or rugs but can damage your tile floors.

However, the good news is that, you can get a vacuum with brush roll on/off swicth. This will allows you to clean your tile floors with “suction only mode“. There’re also few vacuum models available today, that feature special brush attachment for deep cleaning grout lines in tile floor.

If you want portability, you can opt for cordless models. If you want a continuous, uninterrupted supply of power, corded models will be very suitable. Robot vacuums are also available in the market today that maps your entire floor and cleans automatically for a hands-free experience. 

Is It Better To Vacuum Or Sweep Tile Floo

When it comes to tile floors, vacuuming is the most efficient and effective method of cleaning. If you use dust mops and brooms, you’ll notice that it leaves behind some dust and doesn’t clean the corners and edges well.

Traditional mop and bucket system is also not that effective as it tends to leave streaks behind, and your tiles will take a long time to dry off.

However, with a vacuum, you won’t have these problems. The powerful suction lifts up all sorts of dirt and debris without scattering them arround or leaving any streaks after cleaning.

Generally, vacuums also do a better job at cleaning corners and hard to reach areas. There are even some vacuums that you can transform into handheld units, which are perfect for spot cleaning and cleaning stairs and upholstery. 

With traditional methods, you’ll require multiple passes to get a spot clean. However, with a vacuum, a single pass is enough to suck in every single debris.

One of the biggest complaints about brooms and mops is that they just push the debris around without actually removing it, but with the suction capabilities of vacuums, you don’t have to worry about this issue. Some vacuum cleaners even come with HEPA filters, which can be very beneficial for your health.

How To Choose The Best Vacuum For Tile Floors:

Vacuumcleaners come with a myriad of features, but there are certain features that are more essential than the rest. You must look out for these features if you want to find the best vacuum for cleaning tile floors.

Vacuum With Enough Cleaning Prowess:

The basic requirement is that your vacuum should have enough cleaning power for an effective cleaning session. If it doesn’t have adequate power, it simply won’t lift the dirt and debris, especially the large ones. 

However, when it comes to measure the cleaning ability of a vacuum cleaner, you should consider either its suction power or airflow.

Generally, vacuums airflow is rated in cubic feet per minute (CFM). The higher the CFM, the more powerful and efficient the unit will be, in terms of picking up dirt and dust. Make sure you read customer reviews and testimonials of how the unit performs before purchasing a unit.

Variable Suction Control:

Some units also come with multiple suction speed settings, which can be quite beneficial if you use your vacuum not only on hard surfaces but also on delicate surfaces like-curtains, rugs, carpets, etc. 


Vacuum cleaners can often be heavy, and this can make your cleaning sessions quite exhausting. Make sure that your unit is portable and lightweight so that you can easily move it around from one room to another without it bringing you down. 

If portability is a major factor for you, cordless units will be very suitable. Some units even come with wheels for easy trans portability. However, make sure the wheels are easy to maneuver and doesn’t damage your tile floors.

Brush roll On/Of Feature (Very Important)

This is one of the most crucial things to consider when it comes to shopping for the best vacuum for tile floors. Brush roll is not suitable for every surface. They can be effective for vacuuming carpets but can cause scratches to hard surfaces, that’s why its essential that your vacuum features a brush roll on/off function. This allows you to switch on the brush roll only when it’s required.

An Efficient Filtration system:

This is one of the most important aspects of a vacuum as filters are responsible for eliminating dirt/dust from air. If your unit comes with a poor filtration system, the dust and pollen will escape through the exhaust port and make your environment unsafe. Therefore, you should look out for an unit with true HEPA filters as they can eliminate 99.97% of all dust and allergens.

Dustbin capacity:

The larger the bin capacity, the longer you’ll be able to vacuum without having to empty it out frequently, resulting in uninterrupted cleaning sessions. If you have a large home or pets that shed hair, a vacuum with a large dustbin capacity becomes critical. 

Additionally, if you’re looking for a robot vacuum for tile floor, you must also pay attention to the dust cup size as most of the time, you’ll have to manually clean the tank barring a few units.

Corded Vs. Cordless:

Whether you want a corded or cordless unit comes down to your preferences. If you clean for long hours, a corded unit is a must as they can run as long as they are connected to a power source. However, remember that corded units restrict portability and maneuverability and they cannot be used if there are no power sources. 

On the other hand, cordless units are portable providing you with ample reach as you don’t have to bother about the length of the power cord. On the downside, cordless units need to be charged routinely.


Its important to note that not all vacuums can be used on all surfaces especially tiles. However, there are some versatile units that can be used across various surfaces. Some come with various attachments, some feature variable suction speed options and some can even be converted to handheld units allowing you to personalize the unit according to your cleaning needs. Therefore, you need to pay close attention on these characteristics.

Best Vacuums For Tile Floors Reviews Of 2020

best vacuum for tile floors

1. Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute: Best Overall

Best Cordless Vacuum For Tile Floors with an impressive run time and powerful suction.

Reasons to buy:

  • Cordless & lightweight design

  • Impressive running time

  • Larger dustbin

  • Very quiet

Reasons to avoid:

  • Batteries take a long time to charge

  • Expensive

Our first choice is comes from Dyson and for a good reason. Dyson is one of the most trusted and popular vacuum cleaner brand which is constantly developing top of the line vacuum cleaners for many years. 

The Dyson Cyclone V10 has plenty of exclusive features for a thorough vacuuming experience. It has an unique and powerful cleaner head which eliminates both large and fine debris just as like a high-end corded unit.

Weighing just 5.88 lbs, this unit is very lightweight, and it’s a breeze moving it around. You can use it with one hand and cleans hard floor surfaces very well. Thanks to the low profile cleaner head, you can easily clean under your furniture’s which is a hot spot for pet hair and messes.

Another stand-out feature of this unit is that it comes with three power settings so that you can personalize your cleaning requirements. In our testing, this vacuum lasted for 30 minutes (when using it on tile floor), which is certainly more than older Dyson cordless models (like- V7). In addition, it has a bigger dustbin capacity than the competitors available today.

In comparison to other popular cordless models like: Shark ION P50, the Dyson Cyclone V10 is much lighter, powerful, and comes in a compact design. However, the Shark ION P50 offers a better built and supports replaceable batteries at a much lesser price.

A lot of reviews from customers praised the ease of use, slim design, and quite operation of the Dyson V10 Absolute. However, a constant complaint of the unit is the lack of replaceable batteries and long charging time.

Our Verdict: If you want a top of the line cordless vacuum that runs for a long time, the Dyson Cyclone V10 must be a top choice. On a single charge, you can vacuum effortlessly for about 30 minutes.

Dyson V10 or Dyson V8: Which Should I buy?< /h4>

2. Miele Compact C1: Best Canister Vacuum For Tile And Carpet

Specifically designed for low pile carpet and hard floors.

Reasons to buy:

  • Lightweight and portable

  • Retractable power cord

  • Powerful suction

  • Very long lasting

  • Easy to empty dust bag

Reasons to avoid:

  • Short power cord

  • No Hepa filter included

The first thing you’ll notice about the Miele Compact C1 Canister Vacuum is the compact design, and thanks to the rubberized wheel and metal sole-plate, we had no problems gliding this unit on tile floors.

In our testing, we were impressed by the suction power, and it did an excellent job of picking up even large particles. The large filter bag is capable of holding a lot of dirt and dust, preventing you from continuously emptying it out. The bag is easy to empty and replace.

Unlike other units, the Miele Compact C1  operates quietly, and the suction dial makes it easy to vacuum small carpets and rugs without pulling in the whole thing. Another plus side is that, the cleaner head is easy to maneuver in and around your furniture. 

When we compare the Miele Compact C1 to other canister vacuums within same price range, we found the Miele C1 to produce a more airflow, which is easier to use and more versatile. Unfortunately, the unit does not include any HEPA filter; you’ve to buy it separately.

Users and reviewers of the Miele Compact C1 Canister Vacuum raved about its portability, retractable power cord, and various high-quality attachments. On the downside, some customers were dissatisfied with the length of the power cord which is shorter than the average.

Our Verdict: The Miele Compact C1 is a perfect choice if you want a versatile canister vacuum for your tile floor. With the suction dial, you can personalize the vacuuming power according to your cleaning requirements.

3. Dyson V8 Absolute: Best Cordless Stick Vacuum For Tile

Best cordless vacuum for allergy sufferers and pet owners.

Reasons to buy:

  • Powerful and effective brush bar

  • HEPA filtration system

  • Washable filter

  • Can be used as a handheld unit

  • Sucks pet hair very well

  • Hygienic dust empty process

Reasons to avoid:

  • Lack of a comfort protection on the handle

  • Smaller dust bin

We were impressed by how lightweight and powerful the Dyson V8 Absolute is. With a slim profile and weighing just 5.75 pounds, moving this unit around was a breeze. Despite its petite frame, it has a powerful vacuum and did an excellent job in picking up pet hair, which can often be challenging. 

Unlike other units, the Dyson V8 Absolute also comes with HEPA filtration ensuring you a clean and healthy environment. We also love that this vacuum can be transformed into a handheld unit, and we found it useful for spot cleaning and cleaning hard to reach places.

Comparing the Dyson V8 Absolute to other cordless models, its super lightweight, easy to use, and does a wonderful job at cleaning tile floors thanks to the floor attachment. However, the dirt chamber is small but will be sufficient for moderate to small rooms.

Users and reviewers were happy with the portability of the unit as well as the performance of the vacuum on max power mode, which does a tremendous job in vacuuming large debris. A constant complaint of the Dyson V8 Absolute is battery life. On max power mode, most users could get barely 10 minutes of vacuuming.

Our Verdict: The lightweight construction of the unit makes it a must-have if you routinely carry your vacuum from one floor to another or from place to place.

4. Shark ION F80 Cordless Stick Vacuum

Comes with unique Hand vacuum mode with 2 removable batteries for a long cleaning session.

Reasons to buy:

  • Longer battery life

  • Easy to clean hard to reach places

  • Excellent at fine dust cleaning

  • Easy to store

  • Cheaper than Dyson

Reasons to avoid:

  • Doesn’t stand on its own

  • Smaller dust container

If you want a cordless vacuum that runs for a long time, then the Shark ION F80 Cordless Stick Vacuum will be a top choice. It comes with two interchangeable batteries, and in our testing, we were able to vacuum for an impressive 60 minutes while using both the batteries consecutively. 

This vacuum can also be transformed into a handheld unit, making it easy for you to clean above the floor and hard to reach places. We were also impressed with the turbo boost mode, which made it a lot easier to clean up tough messes.

If you’re concerned about damaging hard floor then the good news is that, it features a brush-roll on/off button that you can easily turn off when vacuuming tile floors or other hard surfaces. 

If we compare the Shark ION F80 Stick Vacuum to other stick vacuums, it has a longer battery life, is easier to use and store thanks to it being a fold-able vacuum. However, the trash compartment is quite small in comparison to similar models, so you’ll have to empty it out numerous times.

A majority of users and reviewers raved about its dual clean brush roll, powerful suction and the multi-flex feature, which makes it possible to clean hard to reach places without bending over. On the downside, many users found the head of the unit heavy, and the unit also cannot stand on its own.

Our Verdict: If you want a vacuum for tiles that has a long battery life and is also able to seamlessly clean under your furniture, then the Shark ION F80 will be a top contender due to its dual interchangeable batteries and flexible reach feature.

5. iRobot Roomba i7+ (7550) Robot Vacuum: Best Robot Vac For Tile

Automatic dust disposal, Alexa supported vacuum for pet hair and hard floors

Reasons to buy:

  • Great suction power

  • Can map and remember multiple floors

  • Self emptying feature

  • High quality filter for pet allergens

  • Great pick for pet owners

Reasons to avoid:

  • Occasionally gets stuck

  • Need human intervention

  • Not suitable for area rugs

Robot vacuums bring with them a lot of intuitive features, and the iRobot Roomba i7+robot vac is no exception. It’s one of the best robot vacuum for tile floors available in the market. It comes in a sleek and compact design and does an amazing job in cleaning hard floors. 

In our testing, it effortlessly picked up debris and dirt from hard floors and was particularly effective in lifting pet hair. The edge sweeping brush also did a great job to clean corners and narrow places. You’ll also be happy to know that, the Roomba has special sensor to detect edges and clean them accordingly. Unlike other robots, the iRobot Roomba i7+robot vac runs quietly. 

With this robot vacuum, there’s no need to empty the dustbin as it automatically sucks and stores all the debris in its disposable dirtbag. It includes two disposable bags and two high efficiency filter to make your cleaning more efficient and convenience.

The iRobot Roomba i7+robot vac is quite a stand-out in comparison to other similar robot vacuums. It offers more suction power and even comes with allergen lock bags, which most similar units lack; however, it’s a little more expensive than similar models.

User and customer reviews mostly praised the user-friendly iRobot app. It’s easy to schedule a clean or map your floor for cleaning. It even reminds you when its time to clean the unit, which many users found useful. However, some users were disappointed that the dirt bags were non-reusable.

Our Verdict: The iRobot Roomba i7+ excels in ease of use and functionality. The iRobot app makes managing and using the robot vacuum seamless even for first-time users.

6. Shark LZ601 APEX DuoClean: Best Corded Vacuum For Tile Floor

”Self-cleaning dual brush roll removes pet hair without getting tangled”

Reasons to buy:

  • Genuinely works as both upright and handheld vac

  • Detachable canister for cleaning stairs, cars etc

  • The cord is longer than the average

  • Well-built and durable

  • Long-life Hepa filter

  • Stands on its own

Reasons to avoid:

  • The swivel head is hard to maneuver

  • Hard to clean carpet and rugs

Shark is one of the most well-known vacuum brands, and the Shark LZ601 APEX DuoClean is another excellent offering. It sports a very slim frame, and moving it around your home will be effortless. It has powerful suction and does a great job of sucking even large debris from tile floors. 

It’s very well constructed, and the 5-year warranty ensures that you’ll be using it for a long time. You can combine the extendable hose and vacuum wand for added reach while vacuuming stairs and hard to get areas. You can also convert it into a handheld vacuum, and it does a great job at spot cleaning.

The Shark LZ601 APEX DuoClean comes with various accessories, including a pet multi-tool, duster crevice tool, and an accessory holder. They are all made of high-quality materials, particularly the crevice tool, which offers an extended reach into small places.

The majority of users praised the 30 feet power cord of the Shark LZ601 APEX DuoClean, providing ample reach as well as its ability to stand on its own, which most vacuums lack. A consistent complaint about this unit is that many customers found the swivel head hard to maneuver, especially under furniture.

Our Verdict: If you’re in the market for a well-designed and corded vacuum, the Shark LZ601 is a very worthy contender. The corded design of the Shark LZ601 ensures that you can vacuum as long as you’re connected to a power source.

7. Shark APEX Upright Vacuum AZ1002: Best Bagless Vacuum For tile

”One of the most powerfur bagless vacuum in the market”

Reasons to buy:

  • Very effective for long human hair

  • Comes with special tool for pet hair

  • Easy to assemble

  • Super easy to clean hard to reach spots and stairs

  • Various settings for hardfloor and carpet

Reasons to avoid:

  • One of the heaviest vac from Shark

  • Self cleaning head sometime fails to work

The Shark Apex Upright Vacuum is a heavy-duty vacuum with a lot of useful features. It’s very well built and durable, and we have no doubts that it’ll last for a long time. It’s super easy to put together, and the whole process should take just about five minutes. 

The Shark apex vac comes with three power settings and the suction is powerful for lifting all sorts of debris from hardfloor, carpets and even rugs. The dual brush-roll system provides a polished look to tile floors. It picks up just about everything it touches on floors.

One of the stand-out features of this unit is the lift away feature, which makes cleaning stairs easier. In our testing, we found the Shark Apex Upright Vacuum very effective in picking up long pet hair, and thanks to the zero m technology, the hair doesn’t get tangled. Unlike other units, cleaning the brush roll is also super easy and hassle-free.

Many users and reviewers were happy that hair doesn’t get tangled with the wheels as it comes with an attached hair detangler. Besides, the detachable canister was also noted as one of its best features. However, many were displeased with the weight  of the unit.

Our Verdict: If you want a heavy-duty vacuum, the Shark Apex Upright Vacuum is a top contender. The powerful suction is perfect for lifting even large debris, and the sturdy construction ensures longevity.

8. Roborock S5 Robot Vacuum and Mop

”One of the best robot mop vacuum for its price range”

Reasons to buy:

  • Great navigation

  • Long battery life

  • Swipping and mopping

  • Washable filter

  • Ideal for large house with multi floor

Reasons to avoid:

  • Doesn’t support auto dustbin emptying

  • Filter gets clogged occasional

The Roborock S5 Robot vacuum and Mop comes with a lot of hi-tech features that’ll make your cleaning more efficient and faster. It sports a very clean and minimalistic design, and thanks to the compact frame; you’ll have no problems storing it. 

This robot vacuum comes with a very precise mapping feature. In our testing, it was able to map an entire floor in just one pass. One of the best features of this unit is the 5200mAh battery; you can easily get 120 minutes of continuous vacuuming on hardfloors.

Unlike other robot vacuums, this unit also mops very well particularly on tile floors. With 2-3 passes, it can work just as good as a steam cleaner. We also found, the brush does a better job on various hair tangles test. It also comes with a decent warranty period so that you have no worry about the expenditures if you face any problem with the unit.

One of the most talked-about features of the Roborock S5 Robot Vacuum and Mop is the navigation system. It can effortlessly move around without bumping or stopping even if you have a lot of furniture. On the downside, many users were disappointed with the lack of auto dustbin emptying feature.

Our Verdict: The Roborock S5 Robot vacuum has one of the best batteries for a robot vacuum. The 5200mAh battery can easily run for more than two hours and clean multiple rooms with a single charge.

9. BISSELL 2554A CrossWave Max: Best Wet Dry Vacuum for tile floors

Reasons to buy:

  • Dual wet-dry functioning

  • Great performance at cleaning edges and corners

  • Multi-surface cleaning ability

  • Self cleaning mode

  • Docking station for easy storage 

Reasons to avoid:

  • It’s a hevy unit, not so portable

  • Battery life is shorter than average

If you’re looking for a wet-dry or a multi-floor vacuum, the BISSELL 2554A CrossWave Max should be a top contender. It’s a versatile unit and works on almost every type of floor, including rubber floor mats, rugs, linoleum, laminate, wooden floors, carpets, and tiles.

A noteworthy aspects of this unit is that it washes and vacuum floors simultaneously and lifts both dry and wet debris easily. Moreover, it operates quietly and comes with powerful suction. On top of that, the 36V lithium-ion battery can provide you with 30 minutes of continuous cleaning. We also love that this unit comes with a docking station, which not only stores but charges the battery.

The BISSELL 2554A does a fantastic job with pet hair and messes. The inside of the dirty water tank features a pet hair strainer that effectively catches debris and hair, making cleaning easier and efficient. It also comes with a special formula and brush just for pets. 

One of the most praised features according to customer reviews, is the self-cleaning cycle, which flushes out debris, hair, and dirt after each use so that your unit is ready for the next session. On the other hand, some users found the BISSELL 2554A CrossWave Max heavy and not portable.

Our Verdict: The BISSELL 2554A CrossWave is an excellent choice for pet lovers. The powerful vacuum, in-built pet strainer, special brush, and formula will ensure that not a single pet hair or mess is left behind.

10. BISSELL Crosswave Pet Pro 2306A: Best Vacuum For Tile Floors And Area Rugs

Reasons to buy:

  • Tangle free brush design

  • Easy to fill up and empty

  • Multi-surface cleaning

  • Great for cleaning mud

  • Docking station for easy storage 

Reasons to avoid:

  • Not that effective in cleaning grout

  • The container is smaller than average

BISSELL is known for its pet range, and the BISSELL Crosswave Pet Pro 2306A is another excellent offering. It sports a very modern design and is well-built, this vacuum will last for a long time. 

This vacuum is very easy to assemble, and the whole process should take just a few minutes. It can vacuum and wash at the same time, and we also love that it comes with two tank technology, which ensures that clean and dirty water don’t mix, making every single cleaning session more efficient.

The BISSELL Crosswave Pet Pro 2306A is a versatile unit and can be used on various floor types, including tiles and grout. The brush roll uses a combination of microfiber and nylon, which is extremely soft and leaves no streaks behind. It also does a better job at cleaning area rugs.

Most reviewers and users raved about the powerful suction of the BISSELL Crosswave Pet Pro 2306A as well as the pet formula, which effectively eliminates pet odor. However, some users were disappointed that it doesn’t come with HEPA filtration.

Our Verdict: If you’re looking for a hybrid pet vacuum, the BISSELL Crosswave Pet Pro 2306A is an excellent choice. By vacuuming and washing at the same time, your house will be devoid of any pet hair, mess, or odor.

How Do You Clean Really Dirty Tile Floors?

Tile floors can take some work to clean, especially if they are super dirty. However, with some carefully calculated steps, you can remove any deep-set stains and dirt in no time. Here are some steps to clean really dirty floors.

Things you’ll need:

  • Vacuum or a broom
  • White pad/ scrubbing brush/ mop
  • Tile cleaner
  • Absorbent paper/towel

Step-by-Step Process:

Firstly, make sure that you remove all superficial debris or dust by vacuuming or brooming. For cleaning, you can use a white pad, scrubbing brush, or mop. 

Pour the tile cleaner directly onto the floor and distribute it evenly using the white pad. After that, let the cleaner sit for a while, preferably for 30 minutes, but follow the duration mentioned in the instructions. Make sure you brush the surface every 5-10 minutes. If there are dirty joints, brush them.

Now, using a wet vacuum carefully remove the residues, you can also use a mop or absorbent paper if you want to. Rinse very well with water and ensure that you remove every bit of residue. This is a simple and effective way of cleaning really dirty tile floors.

How Do You Maintain Your Tile Floors?

To ensure that your tile floors don’t lose their luster for a long time, you have to properly take care of them. Here are some expert tips for maintaining your tile floors.

  • Whenever there are spills, make sure that you clean them up as soon as possible, or else it will lead to stain development and might lead to falls and slips as well.
  • You must also place a doormat to ensure that dust and dirt don’t enter your home in the first place. If your bathroom also has floor tiling, use a bath mat.
  • One of the best ways to maintain your tiles is by regular vacuuming or sweeping. This prevents dirt and dust from getting lodged in your grout and tiles.
  • Once a week, you can also mop your tiles with warm water. If you want to add a little shine, you can use a non-oil-based tile cleaner. However, it’s critical to ensure that the cleaner is compatible with tiles.
  • With tiles, you must never use straw brooms as they can inflict scratches.


Is it better to sweep or vacuum tile floors?

Is it safe to vacuum tile floors?

Is vinegar good for cleaning tile floors?

How do you remove ingrained dirt from floor tiles?

Best Tools For Cleaning Tiles: Final Verdict:

With the best vacuum for tile floor , your cleaning sessions will be cut in half, and your tiles will shine for a long time. The units mentioned on this list all made it after intense research and personal use, and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed with any of them. 

However, the Dyson Cyclone V10 takes the top spot in our list thanks to its variable speed settings, powerful suction, and compact design. If you’re looking for a more affordable option, then the Miele Compact C1 Canister Vacuum is a complete value for money.

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