Best Steam Mop for Laminate Floors Reviews And Guide

If your laminate floors are stickier than a beehive, it’s no wonder you’re looking for the best steam mop for laminate floors. Cleaning with steam eliminates germs, dirt, and scuff marks from laminate floors without using harsh chemicals, but finding the best steam mop for your place is no simple task. 

Depending on your needs, there is a quality steam mop to suit everyone. You might be looking for a multi-functional steam mop for laminate flooring, or a budget steam mop that is simple and easy to use. 

Or maybe you’ll be taking your steam cleaning beyond the laminate floors with a multi-function steam mop?

Whatever your requirements, I’ve got you covered here with my review of six of the best steam cleaners for laminate floors.

best steam mop for laminate floors

 Best Laminate Steam Mop: Our Top Picks

Review Of Best Steam Mop For Laminate Floors 2021

1. BISSELL PowerFresh 1940: Best Overall Steam Mop For Laminate And Wood Floors

Key Specs:

Weight: 6.2 pounds

Power Cord Length: 23 foot 

Variable Steam Control: Yes

Water Tank Capacity: 16 oz

Temperature and Water Pressure: 200°F / 43 psi

Things to Love: 

  • Lightweight and easy to use design

  • Easy to fill tank with wide openings

  • Quick heat up and dries immediately

  • Stands up on its own

  • Budget friendly


  • Not so versatile

  • No on demand steam trigger

When I tested this steam mop, I could see why this is one of the best steam mops for laminate flooring; but did you know that this steam cleaner is suitable for sealed hardwood floors, tiles, linoleum, marble, and granite too? 

The BISSELL PowerFresh Steam Mop 1940 also comes with 2 washable cleaning pads, one for general and moderate cleaning, and the other o
ne for more stubborn marks and scuffs. For extra stubborn dirt and stickiness, there is a flip-down scrubber that lifts grime with ease.

You can customize the level of steam you require with 3 different levels. The removable tank capacity is 16oz which is very easy to refill. It even comes with a 23 foot power cord which is longer than many expensive units that we’ve reviewed.

Operation is super simple, with a large display, easy water tank filling and quick heat up. The mop head is quite flat and easy to maneuver into corners and around appliances like dishwashers and fridges.

What I Love :

More and more people are turning to natural cleaning alternatives in our homes. Whether you have kids, pets, or even just a concern for the environment, most people understand that chemicals within our homes are not a good mix. 

BUT. I do love the lovely scents and clean fresh smells that come with traditional cleaners and detergents. The BISSELL PowerFresh Steam Mop 1940 means that you don’t have to choose. 

You can clean with the natural power of steam AND get that “just mopped” smell with Bissell’s range of Scented Waters and Fragrance Discs. Try the scent range in ‘Spring Breeze’, you won’t regret it!

Quiet Concern :

This is not a huge deal, but the BISSELL PowerFresh Steam Mop 1940 supplies steam continuously; this is actually a feature I like and would recommend to others, however, I thought I’d mention it in case someone is looking specifically for a model where the steam is delivered “on demand.”

2. McCulloch MC1275 : Best Multi-Purpose

Key Specs:

Weight: 12 pounds

Power Cord Length: 15 foot 

Variable Steam Control: No

Water Tank Capacity: 48 oz

Temperature and Water Pressure: 200°F / 43 psi

Things to Love: 

  • Very powerful and versatile cleaner

  • Comes with steam lock feature

  • Large water tank capacity

  • Durable and long lasting

  • Triangle floor head works well to clean corners


  • You can’t adjust the steam level

  • Non removable water tank

  • No storage for the wand

The McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Cleaner is a serious cleaning power house for both residential and commercial use. This model comes with a range of specialized accessories, so if you’re looking for a steam cleaner that can go beyond your laminate flooring, this might be the model for you.

It comes with a mop attachment, steam jet nozzle, squeegee, triangle head and much, much more. I can see this being incredibly helpful in cleaning bathrooms, tile grout, and even your oven and patio furniture.

What I Love:

This heavy-duty steam cleaner comes with 18 attachments meaning it will dominant a variety of tasks. So if you’re looking for a multipurpose steam cleaner that will do your floors and your BBQ grill plate, this one will meet your needs. Having that flexibility would be great for big families that regularly clean boats, bikes, and outdoor areas.

This canister steam cleaner has a 48-ounce water tank which is larger than many commercial steam cleaner in this range. So, you will be able to clean multiple rooms with just one single fill of the tank.

If you want to remove stuck-on messes and dirt, the jet nozzle attachment will be very effective. On top of that, the triangle floor head makes it so easy to clean every corner of your home.

Quiet Concern:

Is this the best steam cleaner for laminate floors? My short answer is no, to be honest! You’re not able to vary the steam levels on this model and it might be a little too “industrial” for just regular household cleaning.

Also, keep in mind that all this power and large water tank can add up in weight. Even though it comes with little wheels to pull around, weighing at approx. 12 pounds, this is a little heavy for me to lug around day in and day out.

3. LIGHT ‘N’ EASY S3101: Best Budget Steam Mop For Laminate Floors

Key Specs:

Weight: 3.5 pounds

Power Cord Length: 20 foot 

Variable Steam Control: No

Water Tank Capacity: 8 oz

Temperature and Water Pressure: n/a

Things to Love:

  • Lightweight and easy to use

  • Easy to assemble

  • Super compact to store

  • Washable pads for reuse

  • Heats up very fast

  • Comes with extension cord holder


  • Not suitable for elderly or people with arthritis problem

  • The tanks is not removable but it’s easy to fill up

  • Not recommended for high traffic household

This little pocket rocket is a great budget steam mop option for the home with both hardwood and carpeted surface. It’s lightweight, easy to use and works brilliantly on laminate floors. It comes with 1 reusable cleaning pad and has a super quick 20-second heat up time.

What I Love:

The first thing that I really like about this unit is, how fast and easy it is to put together. Also, the ergonomic handle design makes it very easy to use it one various surfaces. 

This portable steam mop also offer flexible mop head that works very well to clean underneath your sofa and upholstery. On top of that, it heats up very fast for some quick everyday cleanup.

The Light ‘N’ Easy Steam mop has a carpet attachment that can be purchased separately. This would great to refresh carpets and rugs in high traffic areas! This would also be a great option for those who can’t manage larger, heavier machines, weighing just 4 pounds.  This is easily one of the best lightweight steam mop I have come across.

The lightweight feel will cost you in time though, with only 10 mins running time. This makes the Light ‘N’ Easy S3101 perfect for smaller homes with less floor area, or daily touch-ups.

Quiet Concern:

To use this machine, you’ll need to push it either backward or forward. The more you move, the more steam will release and when you stop moving, it will stop releasing steam. Well, the way it works, has both pros and cons.

Obviously, it’s very simple and straightforward, but if you’re a senior person or arthritis patient, then it will not be a great option to work with. It requires some muscle to use this unit.

Other than that, I feel this budget steam mop is a little “delicate” for a household with lots of traffic.

4. Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner: Best For Heavy Duty Projects

Key Specs:

Weight: 9 pounds

Power Cord Length: 16 foot 

Variable Steam Control: No

Water Tank Capacity: 54 oz. / 1600 ml

Temperature and Water Pressure: 50 psi

Things to Love:

  • Large water tank for longer steaming time

  • < /path>

    Can be used with both towels and micro fiber pads

  • The attachments are easy to connect and detach

  • Built-in funnel for easy refill of water tank

  • Retractable cord and handle

  • Longer warranty periods


  • No water level indicator

  • The floor tool is not very maneuverable

  • Takes longer time to heat up

The Dupray Heavy Duty Neat steam cleaner look like something you’d find in an Apple Store! The design is sleek, modern and uber cool. You can just tell that this steam mop is ready to rock and completely sanitize your entire home… Why you might ask? 

The 18 piece accessory kit that comes with it means you’ll have the right tool for any cleaning job; from laminate floors, upholstery, and bathroom grout, windows and shower screens.

What I Love:

This is some serious muscle for sanitizing your home and beyond. This
steam mop has the largest tank of all the products I’m reviewing here, and it is no joke! 

It can hold up to 50oz of water in one go. A massive 50 mins run time means you could do your floors, bathrooms and outdoor furniture in one hit. I also love the integrated funnel. No more mess, drips, and leaks all over your floor. Note that, this steam cleaner takes longer time to get ready for steaming, since it features a massive water reservoir.

In addition to the large water tank, this unit also comes with some cool floor cleaning accessories. Among them, the floor tool is the best. What’s great about this tool is that, you can use it with any kind of thick cloths or microfiber pads for deep cleaning of various hard floor surfaces.

It also has a 6’6’’ hose length which is longer than other steam mop that we’ve reviewed. Additionally, you can extend your reach by attaching a 3’ extension tube for cleaning hard to reach spots. This professional steam mop is very well built and quiet durable.

Quiet Concern:

Even though the look of the Dupray Steam Mop is cool, it is quite big and boxy. I would imagine depending on the space you have available in your home, it’s going to be difficult to store. This is not the steam mop for the budget-conscious. While it’s cleaning abilities and accessories pack a powerful punch, so does the price tag.

5. BISSELL Steam Mop 1806: Best Multi-functional Steam Mop For Laminate And Tile

Key Specs:

Weight: 6.2 pounds

Power Cord Length: 25 foot 

Variable Steam Control: Yes ( High & Low)

Water Tank Capacity: 16 Oz

Temperature and Water Pressure: n/a

Things to Love:

  • Easy to fill tank with measure cups

  • Includes scrub brush for tough stains

  • Variable steam control

  • Lightweight and maneuverable

  • Dedicated power button

  • Reasonably priced


  • Not a versatile cleaner

  • No hose attachments

I absolutely loved the BISSELL 1940 at the beginning of this review, so I had high hopes for this BISSELL 1806 budget steam mop; I was not disappointed! 

What I Love:

Fast warm-up of only approx. 30 seconds meant I was off and racing with the BISSELL 1806 in no time at all. The swivel head had me whizzing around furniture, into corners and around appliances.

The SpotBoost Brush! This little scrubber is attached to the actual steam mop so you’ve got it on hand for stubborn marks and mess. 

Not only does this have the SpotBoost Brush attached to the actual appliance, but the water cup that comes with this budget steam mop also attaches to the main body as well! No more rummaging through kitchen drawers and cupboards looking for that cup!

Just like our first entry, this steam mop also comes with adjustable steam level. This feature is very crucial if you would like to clean both delicate and more durable floors. On top of that, this unit offers continuous steaming, which requires less effort to use.

This cleaner includes 2 washable and reusable cleaning pads. One can be used for light to general cleaning in low traffic areas, but messy high traffic areas might need the scrubby mop pad to get the results you desire. This is seriously one of the best budget steam mops on the market for laminate flooring.

Quiet Concern:

The Bissell 1806 is one of the easiest to use and most effective steam mop that I found in its range. However, it comes with limited accessories and functionalities. It has no hose attachments therefore you’ll not be able to steam clean hard to reach places.

6. SKG 1500W Steam Mop: Best For Laminate And Carpet

The first thing that strikes me with the SKG Steam Mop is it’s cool looking black and lime design. The triangle head pivots 180 degrees, which will make it easy to maneuver into corners and around furniture. 

This is a great sized multi-function steam mop for families, with the generous 15oz. water tank. One microfiber pad is included, it’s machine washable and reusable.

Things I Love:

The SKG Steam Mop comes with an accessory pack that allows you to take your steam cleaning beyond your laminate flooring. There is a carpet glider to freshen mats, rugs, and carpets as well as several different cleaning heads, and a strap to make bathroom cleaning a breeze.

The digital setting means you can control the amount of steam that is released which is important when cleaning laminate flooring so as not to get them too wet and damp. 

If you’re moving onto cleaning soap scum from shower screens or moldy tile grout, you can ramp up the power to MAX to tackle those stubborn areas with ease.

Quiet Concern:

Although the triangle head pivots well and is easy to move about, the head is quite thick. Some users may have trouble getting the mop head into low spaces and tight corners.

Key Specs:

Weight: 8.3 pounds

Power Cord Length: 25 foot 

Variable Steam Control: Yes

Water Tank Capacity: 15 oz

Temperature and Water Pressure: 212 °F

What Is A Steam Mop And How It Works?

A steam mop is a smart cleaning device that makes your life a lot easier and pain free. They works really great to get rid of dissolve dirt and grime as quick as possible. What makes them so effective is that, they utilize the natural power of steam instead of harsh chemicals. 

A steam mop works in a really simple way. Just fill them with normal tap or distilled water, which is boiled internally using a built-in heater. This produce the steam which comes out the wand. Usually the heater takes just 30-60 second to fully heat up.

When you press the trigger the steamer will release steam to clean different floors and surface of your home by using various attachments. See, ho
w simple it is!

Types Of Floor Steam Mop:

There’re mainly 3 different types of steam mop available in the market right now. You should know about them before making any final decision.

Portable / Handheld Steam mop:

A portable or handheld steam mop is generally compact in size and has lower power than the canister style unit. They feature a small water tank and a long hose with a jet nozzle. You will find them super useful and convenient for smaller household cleaning jobs, like- cleaning various spots and stains from carpets and upholstery. Duo to their low profile design, they’re also great for cleaning hard to reach places, under furniture, corners, and drapes of your home.

The noteworthy drawback of the handheld steam cleaners is their low capacity water tank. You might have to refill the tank frequently. Therefore, they’re not recommended for larger cleaning jobs.

Regular Steam Mop:

These steam mop work like a traditional floor vacuum cleaner. The main body houses a water reservoir, a long stick (attached to a handle) and a floor scrubber. Moreover, they feature a swivel head design for easy maneuverability. These types of steam cleaners are also lightweight and easy to use.

You can use them to steam clean your hard floor surfaces, carpets, upholstery any many more. There’re also some units that can be detach to use them as a handheld steam cleaner. They’re known as 2-in-1 steam cleaner for their versatility.

They’re highly recommended for average home owner with smaller cleaning chores. As for downside, they’re not best for hard to remove stains as they have less cleaning power than the cylinder steam cleaner.

Canister Steam Mop:

Canister steam cleaners are also known as cylinder steam cleaner. They’re more versatile than the handheld or regular steam mop and come with a lot of useful attachments. They’re popular for their powerful steam and large water reservoir. 

These cleaners can produce hot vaporized steam to remove tough or older stains from various surface and floors. Duo to their large water tank, they usually take longer to heat up. However, you can use them for an extended period of time. 

Most canister steam cleaners can last up to 90 mins in a single fill. If you’re really serious about steam cleaning your floors and upholstery, canister steam cleaner will be your best bet.

Benefits Of Using Steam Mop:

Steam cleaning is becoming a poplar way of cleaning your home. Because, not only is it simple and effective, it’s also very Eco friendly. Let’s discuss about some of the benefits of steam cleaning, so that you can decide yourself weather you should opt for steam cleaning or not.

  • Efficiently remove tough stains and grime:

Steam cleaning works really well for any kind of hard to remove spots and stains. Not only that, but you can also use them for eliminating germs and bacteria from hard and soft surfaces in your home.

  • Steam cleaning is safe and budget friendly:

Steam cleaning is a Eco-friendly solution to clean your house. With a steam cleaner, you don’t have to buy or use any kind of harsh chemicals or disposable mops to get the job done. Because, these cleaning devices only use tap water to treat those tough and sticky messes. So, if you’ve kids and pets in your house, a steam cleaner will be a perfect choice.

  • Steam cleaning will save your time significantly:

A steam cleaner works very first to bring a great cleaning result. Instead of dr
agging around a heavy bucket filled with water and a wet mop, all you have to do is simply fill the water tank and plug the mop in an electrical socket and you’re ready to go. 

As we’ve said earlier that, the built-in heater of a steam cleaning machine takes 30-60 sec to fully heat up. Once it gets ready, it releases continuous steam to tackle everyday messes.

  • Powerful and Versatile to use on various floor surfaces:

A steam cleaner is also very effective and safe for deep cleaning your floor surface. The steam is powerful enough to remove dirt and grime on vinyl, linoleum, marvel etc. It’s also very gentle to clean sealed hardwood and laminate floor.

Are Steam Mops Safe To Use On Laminate Floors?

The best steam mops allow us to keep our homes clean without the use of harsh chemicals and ‘over the top’ fragrances; this great for our families, pets and the environment.

However, there is a ton of information on the Internet that states Steam Mops shouldn’t be used on timber laminate flooring. Most of these websites are cleaning companies that suggest you should leave steam cleaning to the professionals… hmmm, I wonder why.

While manufacturers and producers of commercial and budget steam mops proudly state that their products can be used on laminate floors, it’s usually followed by careful instructions and information on best practices. Common sense should tell you that using a copious amount of steam would cause laminate floorboards to become wet, rather than just damp, and this is no good either.

The reason they go into so many details is that laminate flooring was a little unpredictable in the past. But as with most products and technology, manufacturing methods improve, products become more cost-effective, user-friendly and durable.

The advice here is to purchase steam mops that have been developed for personal, in-home use. Sellers from reputable companies have easy to follow instructions, as well as tips to ensure that their steam mops are both effective and safe.

The Safest Way To Clean Laminate Floors with a Steam Mop:

Cleaning laminate floors with the best steam mop shouldn’t be stressful. These steam cleaners are designed to take the hassle out of keeping your laminate floors spick and span!

I would recommend purchasing a steam mop that has adjustable steam settings and beginning with the lowest heat setting. If you’re concerned with trying a new steam cleaner, it might be worth testing your new steam mop on a nondescript area such as under the fridge or where your washing machine would normally sit.

Follow the tips for clean laminate floors courtesy of the best steam mop.

  • Be sure to read the manufacturers instructions carefully and completely.
  • Wait for the steam mop to heat.
  • Move the steam mop head continuously, do not allow the steam mop to be idle in one place as too much heat and moisture to build up in one place.
  • If your laminate floor were particularly soiled, it would be preferable to steam mop over an area twice in a quick motion, rather than one thorough and slow mop.

While the best steam mops get great results with just water and the power of steam, some steam mop users like the fragrance that can come from that “just mopped feeling.”

If you’d like to freshen your home with a sweet scent while you steam mop, adding a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil to the cleaning pad will do the trick. Alternatively, reputable and trusted steam mop companies such as BISSELL sell a range of scented waters and scent discs to use in conjunction with the majority of their products.

You can also watch the following video for more insight about steam cleaning hardwood floor:

Things To Consider When Buying A Laminate Floor Steam Mop:

Buying the best steam mop for laminate floors is an investment for your home, but that doesn’t mean you need to spend the big bucks to get brilliant results. Here are four things to consider when choosing the best steam cleaner for laminate floors.

Tank Size:

How much water your steam cleaner can hold will directly affect how long it runs for. If you have a larger home or wide-open living spaces with laminate flooring, you might consider a steam mop with a larger tank than those that have smaller homes. 

As a general rule, you can expect approx. 45-50 minutes running time from a 50-ounce water tank, and approx. 20-25 minutes of running time from a 16-ounce water tank.

Variable Steam Control:

For steam mops that will be used on laminate floors, I would suggest that the best steam mop would have adjustable heat/steam settings. This will ensure you have greater control over the amount of steam, moisture, and heat that comes from your steam cleaner. This feature is also crucial if you want to steam clean other delicate surface of your home, like- area rugs. Also make sure that the steam control dial is easy to access and operate.


There is no point buying the best steam cleaner for laminate floors if you’re not able to push it about with ease! To get a lighter steam mop, you may have to sacrifice some water tank size, as this will all contribute to the overall weight when in use.

The Materials Of Mop Pad:

Most steam mop brands offer cleaning pad during purchase. But, you simply can’t use any kind of mop pad in your laminate floor. If you select a low quality pad to clean your laminate floor, it can damage your floors finish by making scratches.

Therefore, I highly recommend to use a microfiber mop pad with your steamer. These type of pads are safe for laminate floors. On top of that, microfiber pads are also easy to use and reusable.

Cord length:

The cord length is also matter if you’ve a large room with laminate flooring. Make sure that, the steam cleaner has long power cord ( at-least 20 foot) so that, you can cover a large area without plugging and unplugging frequently. However, it’s also important that your device has auto retractable cord feature for easy storage.

6. Price & Budget:

Most of us have an idea about what we’d like to spend when looking for new appliances for our homes. Price is not always an indicator of the best quality steam mop, and nor should you be swayed by a bucket of accessories and attachments for multi-function steam mops if you’re not going to use them.

If you’re looking for the best budget steam mop, and you’re only wanting to clean and sanitize your laminate floors it stands to reason to stick to the mop itself. Alternatively, if you’re looking for the best steam mop that can help you clean and sanitize beyond your laminate flooring, comparing accessory packs and large water tanks should be considered too.

FAQ’s Of Laminate Floor Steam Mop:

Q1: Can you use floor cleaner with a steam mop?

Ans: My short answer is NO; you should not use any floor cleaner solution along with the steam cleaner. Manufacturer recommend that you only use tap water, nothing else. Putting chemicals with the water can cause corrosion to the steam cleaner. Always read the manual that comes with your steam cleaner for a safe use.

Q2: Is steaming floors better than mopping?

Ans: Definitely, a steam cleaner is more efficient and effective than a regular floor mop to clean your home. On top of that, a steam cleaner is easier to use than a floor mop. Steam cleaning will also save your time significantly. 

So, What Steam Mop Is Safe On Laminate Flooring?

Having the right tool for the job is imperative if you want good results. You wouldn’t take a spoon into a sword fight; it’s just not the right tool for the job!

Get rid of that dirty, sloppy mop and filthy bucket and replace them with the powerful cleaning prowess that can only be achieved with the best steam cleaner for laminate floors. We all want products that do what they say they’re going to do and avoid those budget steam mops that won’t go the distance in your home.

For my money, for general household laminate floor cleaning, I would hands down take the BISSELL PowerFresh 1940. Life is messy with three kids, and this machine is a joy to use. It’s light enough that I can use and store with ease; this is important as I’m usually steam mopping every second day. The scented waters and scent discs from BISSELL also freshen the air in my home despite my boy’s dirty gym socks and football gear.

My super close second is the BISSELL 1806 and this is because of the only slightly smaller water tank. BISSELL has really established itself as a front runner within the industry with two of the best steam mops for laminate flooring.

I don’t know many people that actually enjoy cleaning and mopping floors, do you!? But at the very least, having the best steam mop for laminate floors will make the job a little more enjoyable at the very least!


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