Best Multi Surface Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

If you are a home owner, you may consider to own multiple vacuum cleaners to handle different situations. But the fact is that owning multiple vacuum cleaners is a big investment for most homeowners.

What if there is an all-in-one solution that removes the need of owning multiple vacuum cleaners? Let me explain, suppose you own a single unit that can vacuum all types of surfaces and clean different messes. 

Yes – I’m talking about a multi surface vacuum cleaner.

But, how do you pick the right one for your needs when the market is flooded with vacuum cleaners of all shapes, sizes and types?

Don’t worry – we’re here to help. We’ve been on a mission to find the best multi surface vacuum cleaners available right now. Today, we’ll take a look at 10 of the best-selling multi surface vacuum cleaners available in the market. We’ll also share our thoughts on, why you should consider a multi surface vacuum cleaner over other types of vacuums and what you need to look for when making a purchase.

Best Multi Surface Vacuum: Comparison Table

Top 10 Best Multi Surface Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

best multi surface vacuum cleaner

1. Shark Rotator Professional – Editor’s Choice

When it comes to the best multi floor cleaner, you need something powerful, lightweight and versatile unit  like the Shark Rotator Professional Upright Corded Bagless Vacuum. This 1200 W vacuum cleaner can be used as an upright unit as well as a handheld, thanks to its detachable and portable canister design.

There are plenty of things we like about this unit. Despite being a cost-effective unit, it offers excellent suction on all types of flooring ranging from hard floors to carpets. Plus it’s brushroll shutoff button allows you to easily switch between carpet and bare floor cleaning. This feature comes in handy while cleaning vinyl or laminate floors without any scratches.

This vacuum cleaner uses HEPA filter to capture allergens and tiny particles, so even if you suffer from dust allergies, you can use it. It comes with a XL-Capacity Dust Cup for vacuuming without interruption. Emptying the dust cup is an absolute breeze. 

This is a versatile unit that comes with many great attachments, like- crevice tool, multi angle dusting brush, multi-tool, power brush, straight suction floor nozzle and a canister caddy. Whether you’re looking to pick up dirt, debris, lint, this unit will do it all. Plus, It comes with a unique Premium Pet Power Brush that gets pet hair out of the carpet. Nice option for pet owners.

You’ll find it a breeze to use this unit, whether you’re using it upright or reclined. With the push of a button, it allows you to lift the canister away to clean difficult to reach areas. Moreover, its advanced swivel steering design makes it easy to push and maneuver under tight furniture and corners. While this unit is not exactly lightweight, the added weight offers better stability and handling.

When it comes to product reviews, users were impressed by it’s powerful suction. Even, they compared this unit with some higher priced unit like -Dyson.  Moreover, they really love the lift away feature which is fantastic for stairs and upholstery
while others like the instant-release wand, that lets them vacuum ceiling corners and vents with ease.

Things To Consider:

  • Vacuum filters – The Shark recommend to clean the regular filters every three months and the HEPA filter once in a year. Otherwise, it get clogged and deliver bad performance.
  • Attachments – Compared to higher-priced units with locking attachments, this vacuum cleaner features tools and attachments that attach with friction.
  • Weight – This vacuum cleaner is not the most lightweight. However, the added weight promotes better suction on carpets and rugs.


Overall we think, the Shark Rotator Professional Upright Corded Bagless Vacuum is a convenient, versatile multi floor vacuum cleaner that offers great value for money. It offers features, functionality and powerful suction on par with several pricier models in the market.

2. Shark Navigator Professional NV356E- Best Affordable Multi Floor Vacuum

Our 2nd best selection also comes from the house of Shark.  As like our first recommendation, this Shark Navigator Professional NV356E also boasts a range of useful features with benefits.

What we really love about this unit is that it is very easy to assemble and use. Plus, it offers excellent suction power that you can adjust to clean both bare floor and carpet. Moreover, the adjustable suction level also lets you clean small area rugs without pulling them up off the floor.

Most vacuum struggle to pick up pet hair and fur from various surfaces and things, but the pet power brush attachment allow the unit efficiently  remove  pet hair from furniture, bedding, stairs etc. You can also use this tool to clean your car interior. This multi floor cleaner also comes with two separate brush-roll attachments to clean carpet and hard-floor. The brush-roll shutoff feature lets you clean hardwood floor without any damage.

If you are worried about maneuverability, stop worrying as this bagless vacuum cleaner comes equipped with a portable canister and swivel steering design, making it very easy to use in desired areas. Moreover, the compact design of the cleaning head makes it easy to reach under and around furniture. Even people with dust allergies can use this vacuum cleaner as it  includes  a special Hepa filter, making it one of the best hepa vacuum for dust mites. We also like the fact that you will be able to clean the filters yourself.

Things To Consider:

  • No on board storage for attachments –This vacuum may feature many great attachments; there is no on board storage for attachments.
  • Tipping over – While this vacuum is lightweight, it is also very easy to tip over if you are not careful.
  • Edge cleaning – T
    he vacuum is not best at edge cleaning of the carpeted surface.


This is a great multi surface vacuum cleaner which is lightweight, powerful and affordable. It is easy to maneuver, and it is a great choice for most families. But the best part about this vacuum cleaner is its lift-away mechanism and portable canister, making it very versatile.

3. Dyson V8 Absolute – Best Cordless Multi Surface Vacuum

The Dyson V8  is one of the best multi surface stick vacuums for all those people who love cordless vacuuming. This elegant and premium looking vacuum cleaner offers excellent features and superior performance on every floor surface.

This cordless vacuum is powered by lithium-ion battery system that deliver up to 45 minutes run time with a non-motorized tool and 10 minutes on max suction setting. We think this is more than adequate for general cleaning of your household.

Don’t be fooled by its looks – despite being small sized and lightweight; it is a very powerful unit that can picks up ground-in dirt and fine debris from hardwood floors and carpet. The soft roller cleaner head of this unit can remove 25% more dust than other Dyson stick vacuum.

This battery operated vacuum can also be converted into a handheld unit, making it very versatile and multi-functional device. This feature comes in handy while cleaning stairs, car interior, upholstery or any hard to reach spot of your house.

Another useful feature of this cordless stick vacuum is that it includes different power modes for different suction levels. So, whether you’re looking to deep clean or just do some light cleaning, this unit makes an excellent choice. From lint and dust to pet hairs, this vacuum cleaner will pick up everything!

This vacuum cleaner also comes with several useful attachments, so that you can use it on any surfaces. Whether you’re cleaning laminate, hardwood, tiled floors, regular carpets or upholstery, this unit makes a great choice.

Things To Consider:

  • Irreplaceable Battery – While this vacuum features a great run time of up to 40 minutes, the battery is irreplaceable. This can be a problem when it comes to cleaning large areas.
  • Comfort – This vacuum may be well designed, but the grip does not include comfort protection. Also, the trigger button needs to be pressed down continuously for vacuuming.


If you’re looking for a multi surface vacuum cleaner that offers hassle-free and quick cleaning, the Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Stick is an excellent choice. Go with this unit if you need a solution for cleaning small areas quickly.

4. Shark Navigator Deluxe- Best Multi Surface Upright Vacuum

For an upright vacuum that is extremely powerful and easy to maneuver, the Shark Navigator Deluxe NV42 takes the top spot. This 1200W multi floor cleaning machine is as versatile as it has plenty of features and offers excellent suction. It makes a great choice for any household with wall to wall carpeting.

The corded vacuum can handle almost everything from all types of floor surfaces. However, it doesn’t have height adjustment feature but it does have two different cleaning mode for hard floor and carpet. We found that the carpet setting mode works really well to pick up dust and tiny particles from mats and area rugs.

This unit is definitely a stellar choice of pet owners as the Pet hair power brush attachment will make sure you don’t have a layer of pet hair and fur all over your upholstery and tight corners. It also comes loaded with some other great features and functions. The included crevice tool, dusting brush and Brush roll shutoff feature are some of our favorite things about this unit. You can use different attachments to achieve different levels of cleaning, ranging from gentle carpet cleaning to deep floor cleaning.

In terms of suction power, this vacuum cleaner is incredibly powerful and offers smooth suction from start to finish of the vacuuming. Given that it is a corded unit, it never loses suction power and you can use it to clean any space ranging from small to large. Although the dirt empty process is not as hygienic as like a bagged unit but the unit comes with Anti-Allergy Seal technology for more protection from dust allergies.

Things To Consider:

  • Attachments – Unlike some other multi floor vacuum cleaners, the attachments on this vacuum cleaner are non-locking.
  • Maintenance – Attachments get clogged easily and need to be cleaned every once in a while.


When it comes to finding the best multi surface upright vacuum, the Shark Navigator Deluxe Upright Corded Bagless Vacuum is a great choice. For such a powerful and versatile unit, this vacuum cleaner is very well-priced.

5. BISSELL CrossWave Wet-Dry Vacuum

If you’re looking for a unit that can be used both on dry as well as wet surfaces, you need the best wet/dry multi surface vacuum cleaner. Our choice is the BISSELL CrossWave Floor and Carpet Cleaner

Featuring a dual action multi surface brush roll, this vacuum cleaner can pick up debris and mop floors at the same time. You don’t need to sweep your floors beforehand either – this unit will sweep, collect debris as well as mop your floors clean. The multi surface brush roll that incorporates a microfiber and nylon brush will gently clean hardwood floors as well as hard to reach areas like- grouts lines and cracks.

We just love how well this vacuum cleaner has been designed, and we’re sure you’ll appreciate it too. While it looks great, it also includes smart touch controls that make it very easy to use and operate. With a touch of a button you can seamlessly switch from cleaning hard floors to vacuuming area rugs.

In terms of versatility, nothing can beat this wet/dry vacuum cleaner. From pet hairs to spills and wet messes to dust and debris, you can clean any mess from any surface using this vacuum cleaner. Whether it is carpets, bare floors or wooden floors, you can use this vacuum cleaner safely. Plus, It’s specialized pet cleaning solution is very effective in removing pet odors.

Another great feature that we like about this unit is its innovative two tank system that separates the cleaning solution from dirty water. Thanks to this, you never have to worry about mopping your floors with unclean water.

Things To Consider:

  • Loud – This vacuum creates up to 70db of noise, which can be loud for some people.
  • Maintenance – To keep this multi surface vacuum in top condition, you will need to wash and de-clog attachments from time to time.


If you’re looking for the best tile floor vacuum for pet hair, the Bissell carpet cleaner is a great choice. 

6. Bissell Zing Rewind: Best Multi Surface Canister Vacuum

When it comes to the best multi surface canister vacuum for hardwood floors that is easy to operate we recommend you to consider the Bissell Zing Rewind Bagless Canister Vacuum. This portable bagless canister vacuum can be used to clean all types of surfaces, and it offers excellent value for money.

While this unit may look tiny, it comes packed with many handy features. In fact, for a fraction of the cost of higher end models, this unit offers an affordable alternative with nearly all the same features. It comes equipped with various attachments and heads, thanks to which you can use this unit on all surface. Despite being a portable and lightweight cleaner
, it offers excellent suction.

This vacuum cleaner is the perfect choice for anyone looking for an easy to use unit for whole home cleaning. In addition to the attachments and heads, the extended hose length of this unit makes it easy for you to clean areas that are difficult to reach. This vacuum cleaner also features an easy to use dirt emptying mechanism. All you have to do is remove the hose, remove the base, empty the cup and reattach everything.

Another handy feature of this vacuum cleaner is its 3-stage filtration system which prevents allergens from escaping. This allows anyone to use this vacuum cleaner, regardless of allergies.

Things To Consider:

  • Switches – The recoil cord switch and the on/off switch look similar, and this can cause some confusion.
  • No locking attachments – While the attachments are held securely in place, push pin-release locking attachments would have made this unit better.


The Bissell Zing Rewind Bagless Canister Vacuum is the best multi floor canister vacuum in our opinion. You simply cannot go wrong in choosing it, regardless of what your cleaning requirements are. It’s a great choice for every type of household.

7. Dyson Ball Multi Floor Upright Vacuum

If you need a vacuum cleaner that is incredibly powerful as well as versatile, our pick for you is the Dyson Ball Multi Floor Upright Vacuum. One of Dyson’s most popular models, this vacuum cleaner features an innovative BALL technology which makes it easy to maneuver and use. It is one of the most powerful and best selling multi floor upright vacuum cleaners.

There are several innovative functions and features that make this vacuum cleaner an absolute delight to use. Some features that we really like are the self-adjusting cleaner heads and smooth release action, which make this unit a breeze to use. It also comes equipped with a hygienic bin emptying system. Changing attachments, releasing the hoses or emptying the bin can smoothly be done with the help of switches. The included HEPA filter makes it possible for anyone to use this unit, even if they suffer from allergies.

This vacuum cleaner works like a charm both on hard floors as well as on carpets. While it is pricier than some other vacuum cleaners on this list, this is a flagship Dyson product that is designed to the best of standards. We also love how well this unit has been designed. It looks stylish; it is easy to steer and maneuver and very easy to operate.

Things To Consider:

  • Reclining – Compared to many other upright vacuum cleaners that also feature a reclining system, the system on this unit is somewhat difficult to engage.
  • Buttons – The on/off button is located close to the canister emptying button, so you have to be careful what you’re pressing.


In terms of power and performance, this unit is an absolute beast. It can deep clean everything from dirt and debris to pet hairs from all kinds of surfaces. Also, this unit is probably as sturdy as a vacuum cleaner can get. If you’re looking for the best multi surface canister vacuum and you don’t mind spending a little extra on quality, go with the Dyson Ball Multi Floor Upright Vacuum. It is an excellent product that will offer you many years of service.

8. Hoover Commercial Canister Vacuum

For a lightweight and versatile multi surface vacuum cleaner that allows you to clean up quickly, we recommend the Hoover PortaPower Lightweight Commercial Canister Vacuum. Designed for commercial grade use, this vacuum cleaner includes many different attachment heads and also includes a built-in blower, making it very functional.

We were surprised by how powerful this vacuum cleaner is for such a small sized and lightweight unit. As a commercial grade unit, it offers excellent suction and cleaning on all surfaces. Just make sure to use the proper attachment heads and tools for different surfaces.

We also love the compact and functional design of this unit, which makes it possible to clean tight spaces. This vacuum also features an extra long cord, making it easy to clean large areas. Even the hose of this vacuum cleaner offers an extended reach, allowing easy cleaning of difficult to reach areas. Whether you’re cleaning under furniture or edging, you can count on this unit to do an excellent job.

Another thing that we really like about this canister vacuum is that it comes with a large, reusable cloth bag. This allows you to vacuum more in a single go without emptying. Also, the canister emptying mechanism is very easy to use.

Things To Consider:

  • Comfort – There is no pad on the shoulder strap, and the handle isn’t ergonomically designed. Vacuuming for longer periods may cause hand fatigue.
  • Power cord – While the extended power cord is great to use, it becomes a problem when the vacuum cleaner is not in use. There is no storage attachment, and the power cord need to be wound up on the handle.


For a lightweight, compact and portable multi floor vacuum cleaner that is also cost-effective, choose the Hoover PortaPower Lightweight Commercial Canister Vacuum. You won’t regret your purchase.

9. Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 Upright Vacuum Cleaner

When it comes to finding the best multi floor vacuum and price is not a concern, we recommend the Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 Upright Vacuum Cleaner. A newer version of its predecessor, it includes all the great features of the previous model with some improvements and added functions. It is pricier than its previous model, but this unit does offer a lot more.

We absolutely love this vacuum cleaner, and we will recommend it to anyone for whom price is not an issue. As expected, it works great on all surfaces ranging from soft rugs and carpets to and hardwood floors. It offers powerful suction, and you’ll find it very easy to steer and maneuver this unit. We also like that this unit comes with replaceable filters and it is very easy to use and operate as well.

Another thing to love about this vacuum cleaner is that it offers excellent reach. Thanks to an improved design and an extra long hose, this unit facilitates easier cleaning. Whether you’re cleaning corners, under the furniture or edging, this vacuum cleaner will do a great job.

As a quality product from Dyson, this unit has been carefully designed. Due to this, you can safely use it on all surfaces without worrying about causing any damage.

Things To Consider:

  • Weight – This multi surface vacuum cleaner is on the heavier side and may be a problem for older people to use.
  • Bin size – This is a powerful vacuum cleaner, and the bin fills up incredibly quickly. A larger bin would have allowed more vacuuming in a single go.


If you’re looking for the absolute best multi surface canister vacuum and you don’t mind shelling out some extra money for added features, choose the Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 Upright Vacuum Cleaner. This is an absolute beast of a unit that offers excellent service.

10. Hoover WindTunnel Upright Vacuum Cleaner

For an upright multi surface vacuum cleaner that looks great and works great, chooses the Hoover WindTunnel Max Pet Plus Multi-Cyclonic Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner. It comes specially designed with 7-floor settings and offers excellent suction on all types of surfaces.

There are many things that we like about this unit. This vacuum cleaner features an innovative multi-cyclonic technology that enables a consistent vacuuming experience with no loss of suction. This also prevents any chance of clogging.

Furthermore, we really like the adjustable nozzle of this unit, which makes it very easy to clean any surface. This vacuum cleaner also comes equipped with several attachments, brushes and heads, making it versatile and easy to use. The heads and brushes are well-designed, allowing you to reach tight spaces.

Another highlight of this vacuum cleaner is that it comes with a retractable cord. Due to this, storing the cord is not an issue when the unit is not in use. The large dirt cup of this vacuum cleaner allows you to clean more in a single session without any emptying. This makes it a great choice for whole home cleaning.

Things To Consider:

  • Weight – One of the only drawbacks with this multi floor vacuum cleaner is its weight. It is on the heavier side and is not the best in terms of maneuverability.
  • Canister – Some people complain that the canister does not fit tightly into the unit. However, this does not cause any noticeable problems whatsoever.


For a versatile and stylish multi floor vacuum cleaner that offers the best in features, choose the Hoover WindTunnel Max Pet Plus Multi-Cyclonic Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner. Regardless of what type of cleaning you’re looking to do, this unit makes a great choice.

So, these were our top picks for the best multi surface vacuum cleaners. But, how do you know which one of these units is the best choice for your needs and requirements? To understand this, you need to know a little more about multi surface vacuum cleaners.

What Are Multi Surface Vacuums And Why Should You Get One?

Multi surface vacuum cleaners are the most versatile type of vacuum cleaners as they work on many types of surfaces. They can be used to clean anything ranging from everyday messes and dirt to pet hairs. They work as well on tiles and wooden floors as they work on carpeted floors.

Most multi surface vacuum cleaners feature a range of attachments and accessories. By using different attachments, you can clean your floors, your cou
ch, under your furniture and any area where dust has accumulated.

The best multi surface vacuum cleaners are designed to handle tasks that would normally require two or more cleaning products. They can pick up dirt and debris, deep clean and condition carpets and soft surfaces and even handle wet messes. Given that they are so versatile, if you’re looking for a vacuum cleaner, you should always choose multi floor vacuum cleaners over others.

Furthermore, modern multi purpose vacuum cleaners come in many sizes and shapes. While some are designed for maximum performance and high capability, others are designed with practicality and portability in mind. Before you jump into buying any multi surface vacuum cleaner, always consider your needs and requirements first.

Types Of Multi Surface Vacuum Cleaners:

Multi surface vacuum cleaners are popularly classified into two types. These include wet/dry vacuum cleaners and lift away vacuum cleaners.

Lift Away Vacuum: 

Lift away vacuum cleaners are usually supplied with different attachments. These multi surface cleaners work both as upright, canister or stick units as well as detachable handheld units. Lift away vacuum cleaners are incredibly versatile, and they are useful in cleaning a variety of different surfaces. From cushions to floors, carpeting and stairs to your car seats, you can clean almost everything with a lift away vacuum cleaner.

Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaners: 

Wet/dry vacuum cleaners are specially designed to be used in homes with multiple flooring types. As the name suggests, these vacuum cleaners can be used to suck up debris and dirt, and they function as a mop as well. Whether it is cleaning a carpet, a rug or hard floors, wet/dry multi surface vacuum cleaners make an excellent choice.

So, if you’re looking for a vacuum cleaner that can also function as a mop for wet surfaces, choose a wet/dry vacuum cleaner. On the other hand, if you want a versatile solution and you don’t need to clean wet surfaces, go with a lift away vacuum cleaner.

Also, you will have to choose from cordless and corded models, regardless of which type of multi surface vacuum you go with.

What Types Of Accessories Should A Multi Surface Vacuum Cleaner Have?

These days, multi surface vacuum cleaners come with a variety of accessories. As a general rule, the more the accessories that come with a vacuum cleaner, the more places it will allow you to clean. Always keep this in mind when you’re looking for the best multi floor vacuum.

When you’re shopping for a multi surface vacuum cleaner, you must consider the included tools and heads.

Cleaning Tools:

Tools provided with a vacuum cleaner will allow you to perform different types of cleaning tasks. For the most versatile cleaning solution, choose a multi surface vacuum cleaner which includes a dusting tool, a crevice tool and an upholstery tool.

Cleaning Head:

Heads are the attachments of a vacuum cleaner that allow you to clean different types of surfaces. When it comes to a multi surface vacuum cleaner, choose a unit that includes different types of heads for hard flooring, carpets and area rugs

In addition to the attachments I’ve mentioned above, most modern multi surface vacuum cleaners are supplied with different nozzles and accessories. Keep in mind that many of these accessories are extras and pay attention to the heads and tools being supplied.

How To Choose The Best Multi Surface Vacuum Cleaner?

Don’t worry if you find yourself overwhelmed with all the choices in the market. You can follow some simple considerations to find the perfect multi surface vacuum cleaner for your needs. Here are some of the things you’ll need to consider.

  • Your Cleaning Requirements:

First and foremost, con
sider your cleaning requirements. Consider the different types of surfaces that you want to clean and how often you will be cleaning. This will help you understand what attachments you need to choose and if you need a lift away vacuum or a wet/dry vacuum.

Also, consider how often you will be cleaning using your unit and how large your home is. If your home isn’t too large and you’ll be cleaning every once in a while, you can choose a cordless multi surface vacuum. Alternatively, if you live in a large home which requires regular cleaning, you should go with a corded, high power multi surface vacuum.

  • Canister, Upright Or Stick?

Upright vacuum cleaners are an affordable type of multi surface vacuum cleaners. An upright vacuum cleaner paired with detachable handheld units offers great value for money. Choose this type if you need a vacuum cleaner for light cleaning.

Canister vacuum cleaners are bulkier and pricier compared to upright vacuum cleaners. However, they are also quieter and easier to operate. Canister vacuums are typically supplied with a range of nozzles and attachments. Choose this type of vacuum cleaner if you require deep cleaning on a regular basis.

Stick vacuum cleaners are similar to upright vacuum cleaners, except that they are lightweight and convenient. These vacuum cleaners are cheaper than canister vacuums, and their price is comparable to that of upright units. However, stick vacuum cleaners do not feature the same power and capacity as canister or upright units. Stick vacuum cleaners are designed for quickly cleaning up light messes in a small area. If this is what you’re looking for, choose a stick vacuum cleaner.

  • Features

By following the points mentioned above, you’ll know just what type of multi surface vacuum cleaner you need. Now, all you have to do is to compare the features and the prices across different models, and you’ll find the ideal unit for your needs.

Watch the following video on how to choose a best vacuum cleaner for home:

Final Words:

So, there you have it – this is my guide to help you find the best multi surface vacuum for your needs. Moreover, do let me know in the comments section which vacuum cleaner you’re planning to purchase. I’d love hearing from you!