Best Multi Purpose Steam Cleaner Reviews And Guide

If you can get your hands on the right multi-purpose steam cleaner, you can clean a variety of surfaces, and the duration of your cleaning sessions will be cut in half. 

If you do a quick run on the internet, you’ll be bombarded with a plethora of steam cleaners with various features making it confusing to find the best multi purpose steam cleaner for your needs.

Don’t worry; we’ve done the hard part for you. Here is our expert list of the best multi-purpose steam cleaners worth your money in 2022. We’ve also included a buying guide so that you’ll know which features are essential with steam cleaners.

Best Multi Purpose Steam Cleaner Reviews Of 2022

best muti purpose steam cleaner

1. McCulloch MC1275 Steam Cleaner

The McCulloch MC1275 is one of the most popular multi-purpose steam cleaners and for a good reason. It’s a versatile unit packed with tons of features in a very compact design. 

It weighs just 12 pounds, and the addition of mobility wheels makes it a breeze to move this unit around the house. Despite the petite frame, it comes with a water tank capable of holding up to 48 ounces of water, preventing you from taking multiple trips to the sink. Thanks to the steam lock switch, you can steam continuously without any interruptions.

The McCulloch MC1275 steam cleaner also comes with a long 15-foot power cord providing you with ample reach for those hard to get places. One of the standout features of this unit is the jet nozzle, which produces precise and powerful steam for releasing dirt and grime. The 8.5″ Squeegee attachment also does a tremendous job of steam cleaning your windows and other glass surface. 

However, some people were not impressed by the 8-minute heat-up time, but this is negated by the fact that this unit can run for about 40 minutes on a single fill.

You can also use it on various surfaces, including tile, wood, and laminate. This steam cleaner is 100% safe for cleaning wool rug and carpet. If you want portability, functionality, and affordability in a steam cleaner, the McCulloch MC1275 is one of the best multi purpose steam cleaner your money can buy.

What We Like?

  • Lightweight & Compact

  • Can be used on various surfaces and floors

  • Able to release Continuous steam

  • The water tank has decent capacity

  • Comes with measuring cup

What We Don’t Like?

  • The heat up time is longer than average

  • No cord wrap is available

2. PurSteam Handheld Steam Cleaner

Many people prefer handheld steam cleaners due to their versatility and ease of use, and if you’re one of them, the PurSteam Handheld Pressurized Steam Cleaner is a must-have. 

At just 2.2 pounds, it is one of the most lightweight units we’ve come across. You’ll experience no fatigue even if you hold this unit for long periods of time. The compact design also makes it easy to store. This steam cleaner is capable of eliminating bed bugs, stains, mold, grime, and grease without the use of any harsh chemicals.

The addition of 9 piece of accessory set makes it a versatile unit, and you can use it to clean various types of floors, your barbeque, sofas, couch and even mattresses. If you’re searching for the best steam cleaner for home use, this unit will be a top candidate. 

The window squeegee does an excellent job at cleaning windows without leaving any nasty marks behind, and the extension hose can provide you with extra reach to clean those hard to reach places.  Being a compact device, you can also use it to clean and sanitize narrow places of your bathroom and kitchen, like-bathtub, kitchen sink, counter top etc. However, it’s not recommended for cleaning an entire carpet or area rugs.

Most customers rated this cleaner as a top-rated product, particularly for small household tasks, but some expressed disappointment that the unit doesn’t come with a steam lock feature. You’ll have to continuously hold down the trigger if you want continuous steaming action.

What We Like?

  • Heat up time is faster than average

  • The steam is powerful and consistent

  • Easy to use and store

  • Compact & lightweight

  • Comes with extension hose

  • Great for hard to reach areas

What We Don’t Like?

  • The safety cap is defective

  • Not recommended for long cleaning session

  • The tank is difficult to refill

3. LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Multifunctional Steam Mop

If you want a steam cleaner for quick and efficient cleaning sessions, you must opt for the Light ‘N’ Easy Multifunctional Steam Mop. It takes just 30 seconds for this unit to heat up water making it one of the fastest units we’ve laid our hands-on. 

This multi-functional steamer features variable speed settings making it suitable for various surfaces like ceramic, marble, vinyl, tile, grout, hardwood floor, among others. It’s also very easy to use, if you want to activate steaming, you just have to place your finger over the sensor.

One of the biggest selling points of this unit is that you can easily convert it into a handheld steam cleaner to steam clean your garments, furniture, kitchen utensils, and your bathroom. Removing grout can be a challenge for many steamer, but customers raved about the grout cleaning brush included with this unit. And the brush is very effective to lift away dirt and grime from grout effortlessly.

It also does a great job of removing wrinkles from your cloths and dress. In many people’s opinion, the inability to see the water level while working was a drawback. Overall, the Light ‘N’ Easy Multifunctional Steam Mop is one of the most efficient multi purpose floor & steam cleaners we’ve tested.

What We Like ?

  • Variable steam settings

  • Smart switch for activating steam

  • Comes with many interchangeable attachments

  • Great for cleaning tiles and grout

  • Release even and consistent steam

  • Easy to assemble and use

What We Don’t Like ?

  • You can’t see the water level when in use.

  • The tank is relatively small and its hole is difficult to refill 

4. Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner

The Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner is a fantastic combination of portability and durability. It can produce powerful steam of up to 275°F (higher than many professional steam cleaner) which eliminates tough stains and spills from your home upholstery and car interior.

With product dimensions of just 10.5 x 10.5 x 9.5 inches, and weighing only 9 pounds, this steam cleaner is super easy to use, maneuver and store. Despite the compact size, the Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner is capable of holding up to 54 ounces of water and can continuously steam for up to 50 minutes in a single fill. It is also constructed with high-quality materials; this unit is certainly built to last.

You can use the this steam cleaner for various purposes since it comes with 18 piece accessories kit. like cleaning floors, kitchen appliances, grout, car interiors, bathrooms, mattresses, furniture, ceramic and tiles without any harsh chemicals. 

One of the great feature of this unit is the triangle brush design, which is excellent for cleaning the corners of your kitchen counters, bathroom, bathtub, and many others. Besides, this multi surface steam cleaner also does a good job of spot cleaning carpets and area rugs.  

While a few people complained about the lack of swivel for the mop head, many customers loved the voluminous tank, long power cord, and the attachments that came along with this unit. It’s one of the best multi-purpose steamer for home and cars.

What We Like ?

  • The 6’6’’ flexible hose is really helpful to reach anywhere.

  • Super easy to assemble and use.

  • Quiet operation

  • Comes with many useful attachments

  • Solid and long lasting

  • Can clean and sanitize sealed hardwood floors

What We Don’t Like ?

  • Lack of a swivel head design

  • No water level indicator

  • Takes longer time to heat up

5. McCulloch MC1375 Canister Steam Cleaner

If you’re looking for the best canister multi-purpose steam cleaner, you can go for the McCulloch MC1375. Equipped with on-demand variable steam control, you can adjust the steam according to your cleaning requirements. Thanks to the 4-bar pressure (60 PSI), this unit has enough power to melt away grime, grease, dirt, and even bacteria with just tap water.

If you have to clean large areas, the long 10 feet insulated hose will provide you with ample reach. You can use the McCulloch MC1375 Canister Steam Cleaner on various surfaces such as grills, appliances, laminate, wood flooring, and many more.

This steam cleaner comes with a huge water tank, and you can steam up to an impressive 90 minutes on a single fill. If you have a large home or apartment and need a unit that can sustain for a long time, this steam cleaner is a must-have. 

However, few users were disappointed with the 12-minutes heat up time, but this is due to the large water tank which a majority of users didn’t have an issue with. A large number of people were thrilled with the performance of the large floor mop attachment for cleaning sealed flooring surfaces and the utility brushes for precise steaming over patios, BBQ grills, ovens, and more. 

The McCulloch MC1375 Canister Steam Cleaner boasts a great built, huge water tank, and a lot of useful attachments. We highly recommend this unit for commercial purposes or steam cleaning your whole house.

What We Like ?

  • Great for auto detailing

  • Stainless steel design

  • Heats up really fast

  • Maintain a consistent steam pressure

  • Able to clean really dirty bathroom grout and scum

  • Easy to fill up and operate

What We Don’t Like ?

  • The hose is not so durable

  • No cord wrapper available

  • The pads are flimsy

6. Pure Enrichment PureClean Steam Cleaner

The Pure Enrichment PureClean Steam Cleaner comes with lots of striking features in a portable design. With a product dimension of 15.7 x 11 x 13 inches, it’s a compact unit that you can easily store in between uses. 

It weighs 15.7 pounds, which is not very lightweight, but the inclusion of wheels makes it easy to maneuver this unit. It comes with a 16-foot power cord, which is certainly longer than the average, and thanks to this, you can easily clean every corner of your room. 

Featuring a built-in cord wrap at its back, you can neatly put away the cord after use. The wand and attachments are really well-designed and fit together for hassle free use. Moreover, it includes 2 microfiber pads that are washable and re-usable.

The Pure Enrichment PureClean Steam Cleaner can produce copious amounts of steam to eliminate bed bugs, stains, mold, grime, and grease from various surfaces like laminate tiles, granite, ceramic tile, upholstery, among others. 

A majority of users found the steam jet nozzle very effective in producing precise and consistent steam for cleaning tile grout, frills, oven, and many more. Many were also impressed with the triangle mop head design for cleaning corners in tight spaces. 

On the downside, some reviewers and users noted that the handle tends to get a little hot after an extended period of time, which won’t burn you but might make you feel a little uncomfortable. If you’re looking for the best heavy duty steam cleaner, the Pure Enrichment PureClean Steam Cleaner is a top contender.

What We Like ?

  • 45 minutes of steam cleaning

  • Great for bathroom shower and sink

  • The squeeze attachment does a great job of cleaning glass and window

  • The tank is easy to empty and refill

What We Don’t Like ?

  • Lack of a heat monitor

  • Safety is not up to the mark

  • Feels cheaply made

7. Wagner Spraytech Steam Cleaner

The Wagner Spraytech is easy to use and a versatile steam cleaner. With this unit, you need only tap water to clean various types of floors, counter tops, toilets, kitchen appliances, and many more. 

If you want to use this unit, all you need to do is connect your desired attachment, fill up the water tank, and turn on the heater. After the red light turns off, this unit is ready for some powerful steaming. If you have children or pets, this unit is a great choice as it doesn’t need any harsh chemicals.

Despite its compact frame, it has a lot of power and can heat water up to 100°C, easily eliminating all sorts of stains, dirt, and grime. It can hold up to 48 ounces of water, providing you with 30-40 minutes of continuous steam. 

You can use use this unit to steam clean various upholstery, sofa, and leather furniture with the provided tools and attachments. It’s very efficient at getting most stubborn stains out of your fabric and clothes. We also like the addition of the window squeegee tool, which does a pretty decent job of cleaning tile and window.

A good of users found the wallpaper removing attachment very effective in removing old wallpapers without damaging the wall. Others also noted the extension tubes for providing extra reach to clean hard to reach places. However, some reviewers found the power cord too short for cleaning large areas, and others were disappointed with the long heat up time. Overall, it’s a well-built, easy to use, and versatile unit with powerful steam.

What We Like ?

  • Well made and long lasting

  • Great for removing old wallpaper

  • Does a great job of cleaning car interior

  • Can be used to clean pests and weeds

  • Steam locking feature

What We Don’t Like ?

  • Not a great unit for grill

  • Short power cord

  • No on board storage attachments available

What Is A Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner?

A multi-purpose steam cleaner produces very dry vapor to remove dirt, kill bacteria, sanitize, and disinfect without the use of any harsh chemicals. True to their name, you can use these units for various purposes and on various surfaces like laminate, grout, hardwood floors, tiles, mattresses, carpets, stove tops, ovens, showers and many more.

They also come with various accessories and attachments like window squeegee and microfiber pads that you can attach according to your requirements.

Types Of Multi Purpose Steam Cleaners?

There are various types of steam cleaners, and each type is great for particular cleaning tasks. Being well informed about the uses of different types of steam cleaners will help you narrow down your choice for the most suitable steam cleaner.

Handheld Steam Cleaner:

Handheld steam cleaners are lightweight, portable, easy to use, and generally more affordable than other types of steam cleaners. They produce highly concentrated steam through a tiny nozzle. If you want a steam cleaner for small routine tasks, they are the best choices. Thanks to their compact size, they won’t take up too much space either. However, if you have to clean large areas, handheld steam cleaners won’t cut it.

Canister Steam Cleaner:

If you want to steam various home flooring like carpets, tile, and hardwood, canister steam cleaners should be your go-to product. They feature wheels for easy mobility and come with various accessories like a jet nozzle, extension wand, and microfiber pads, among others, to make your cleaning sessions more efficient. However, you must use these units on sealed hardwood and linoleum surfaces.

Upright Steam Cleaner

Upright steam cleaners are versatile units that can not only steam but disinfect as well. Thanks to their large mop heads, they are great for steaming large areas. However, due to their large sizes, they are not the most portable units in comparison to handheld and canister steam cleaners. They also come with various attachments for numerous applications. Upright steam cleaners are very suitable for cleaning walls, upholstery, carpets, and hardwood floors.

Benefits Of Using A All-Purpose Steam Cleaner

Many people are resorting to steam cleaners as their number one choice for cleaning their homes, and there’s plenty of reasons why. With the right multi-purpose steam cleaner, you’ll have numerous benefits such as:


Multi-purpose steam cleaners are incredibly versatile units. You can not just remove dirt and stains but even use it to disinfect and eliminate harmful bacteria, remove wrinkles from your clothes, freshen up your upholstery, and many more with just ordinary tap water. Investing in a good muti purpose steam cleaner prevents you from purchasing multiple tools and equipment.


Allergens can be very detrimental to your health. Especially if you’re suffering from asthma or other respiratory problems, you must stay away from allergens as much as possible. Steam cleaning is the best way of eliminating pollutants and allergens, which is simply impossible with traditional mop and bucket. If you want a healthier environment, steam cleaners are indispensable.

Eliminates Pet Odors:

Pets are lovely companions to have, but they can also be very high-maintenance. Pet odors can be very tricky to eliminate, but with steam cleaning, you need just a few run-through to make your room smelling minty fresh. What’s more? Steam cleaners can even eliminate fleas and their eggs from your dogs, making them happy and healthy.

Saves Money:

Steam cleaners might cost you a bit upfront, but they are worthy investments. In the long run, they’ll save you a lot of money on detergents, and other tools and equipment’s that you’ll have to purchase for a thorough cleaning session with traditional methods of cleaning. They only thing you’ll have to worry about is your electricity and water bill.

What Features To Look For In A Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner?

Multi-purpose steam cleaners come with various features, and it’s important to know which ones you require and which ones you don’t. Here are some important features you must look out for when you purchase your unit.

Size Of The Steam Cleaner:

According to your cleaning requirements, you must invest in an appropriately sized steam cleaner. If you need to steam large areas or want a unit for professional use, you’ll need a steam cleaner with lots of power and a huge water tank for longevity. As such, you’ll have to go for a larger unit. However, if you need a unit for quick run-throughs around the house, a portable unit like a handheld steam cleaner will do just fine.

The Capacity Of Water Tank:

If you don’t want to visit the sink every now and then for refilling the water tank, make sure your unit comes with a large water tank. Smaller units feature smaller water tanks that’ll need constant refilling but ensure portability. Larger water tanks ensure minimal interruptions while cleaning but will take longer to heat up. Generally, vapor and cylinder steam cleaners come with bigger tanks and handheld, and steam mops feature smaller reservoirs.

Consider The Steam Pressure:

You must also choose a unit that produces consistent steam pressure. It’s not important that you purchase a unit with high steam pressure, but what’s important is that it produces consistent steam pressure throughout the cleaning session. If the steam is inconsistent, the quality of steam will be affected, and your cleaning will be uneven, requiring multiple passes.

Pay Attention To Accessories:

A big advantage of multi-purpose steam cleaners is that they come with various accessories and attachments that you can use according to your cleaning needs. However, more than the number of attachments, the quality is of major significance. Make sure all the accessories are made of high-quality materials and are effective in what they’re supposed to do.

Adjustable steam control:

This is another key aspect of a quality steam cleaning machine. Models those have adjustable steam control are safe to use on various floors and surfaces. Another big advantages of this feature is the fact that, you can easily control it while applying steam on various things.

Final Verdict:

The best multi purpose steam cleaners will make your cleaning sessions less tasking and reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning so that you can devote it to more productive activities. All of the above mentioned units are great, and it all comes down to your preference. 

However, in our review, the McCulloch MC1275 was a cut above the rest thanks to its portability, efficiency, and versatility. If you’re looking for a multi-purpose unit under a budget, you can go for the PurSteam Handheld Pressurized Steam Cleaner, which is a total value for money.