Best Hepa Filter Vacuum Cleaners: Reviews And Guide

The world of vacuum cleaners is huge as you will come across a massive variety to shop from. But when you discover that the dust and dirt have crossed their levels of rigidity, you look for more efficient cleaning solutions. 

In this respect, HEPA vacuum cleaners are the best as these come with special filters designed to trap airborne particles and also which are larger than 0.3 microns. 

Hepa vacuum cleaners assure safety for all those who are suffering from allergies and asthma. Even pet owners find these to be a great alternative to ordinary vacuums. So, if you are willing to buy the best hepa vacuum cleaner of 2021, going through reviews will certainly get more than half of your job done.

Top 5 Best Hepa Vacuums For Allergy And Asthma Sufferers

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Best Hepa Vacuum Cleaner For Allergies Reviews

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1. Shark Navigator NV356E:  (Editor’s Choice)

If an efficient and portable vacuum cleaner is what you have been looking for, the Shark Lift-Away NV356E will leave you impressed. A perfect choice for homeowners, this advanced vacuum cleaner is quite user-friendly and involves no straining on the hands during use. It has a button designed to lift the canister so as to clean the difficult areas like- stairs, curtains etc, with no effort and time. Nice option to have in a vacuum cleaner.

What makes it score high in safety is its Complete Seal Anti Allergen technology that traps 99.9% of allergens within the vacuum. Well, you don’t need to worry if you are already suffering from allergies as its HEPA filter assures complete safety in this respect.

When it comes to vacuuming, it offers powerful suction which is adjustable. It has a great airflow that does the suctioning well on not only bare floors but also on carpets. Moreover, it is quite easy to assemble and its functions are not complex at all. 

The unit comes equipped with multiple useful attachments which are very easy to set up and use. The crevice and dusting brush are pretty helpful to pick up dust and human hair while it comes with additional pet brush roller to remove pet fur from stairs, bedding, etc. Plus, a toggle type switch lets you clean your home from deep ca
rpet cleaning to bare floor cleaning.

Last but not least, with this bagless Hepa vacuum, you never have to worry about having bags in stock. In other words, it saves your money. ( Interested in a bagless vacuum, then read our detailed guide on best bagless canister vacuum. )

This Shark Hepa vacuum has a 30-foot cord, which is long enough to conveniently plug-in at your home or office. What also makes it compact in size is its dimensions of 15 x 11.4 x 45.5 inches.

Things to Consider:

  • Noise level – This vacuum might create a bit of noise while in use. Despite, there are not many issues regarding this factor.
  • Design – Although many users have expressed satisfaction regarding its design, some have found it a bit heavier at the top.


The Shark Lift-Away NV356E in spite of having a few cons has succeeded to capture a prestigious position among others as per our studies. Its versatile design and exceptional performance make it a perfect pick for use in spacious homes with pets.

2. Shark Navigator NV352: Best Hepa Canister Vacuum

Shark has been doing an exceptional job in producing top cleaning appliances, and their Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum NV352 is one such incredible creation. It’s one of the best shark vacuum for allergies available in the market right now.

This vacuum cleaner is known for its ergonomic design and it has a button that easily lifts the canister, making it effortless to reach those areas difficult to access. It is not at all heavy as it weighs only 125lbs and makes it convenient for the user to operate it with ease.

What makes Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum NV352 stand out is its lift-away vacuum technology. This strengthens its suctioning capabilities and takes its performance to a different level. Equipped with Anti-Allergen Seal Technology, it traps almost 99.9% of dust and allergens, making the environment cleaner and safer. The Swivel steering control lets it maneuver well around the furniture while it comes with a pet upholstery tool to keep pet hairs away.

According to many users, Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum NV352 has lived up to its expectation of delivering a flawless performance. Also, it has impressed many users for its cleaning results on gentle bare floors and carpets as well.

Things to Consider:

  • Picking up paperclips – Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum NV352 is great in picking up paperclips. It’s just that it makes a bit of nose that is, however, not unpleasant to the ears.
  • Working on hardwood – The vacuum has no problem working on tiles and hardwood. However, it might not suck up everything it comes across.


Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum NV352 is a powerful and versatile vacuum cleaner, very easy to maneuver, and an excellent choice for people suffering from an allergic respiratory conditionInvesting in this hepa canister vacuum will not be a bad idea in other words.

3. Miele Complete C3 Marin: Best Sealed Hepa Vacuum Cleaner

When it comes to a wholesome cleaning solution for a home or office, Miele Complete C3 Marin vacuum cleaner will proudly pronounce its name. Having ranked among the top buying home appliances, it has even bagged excellent ratings for being able to eliminate pet hair and embedded dirt from carpets.

The Electro Premium brush that it comes with is powerful and efficient enough to delve deeper into carpets.This feature helps to remove large amount of pet hairs from rugs and carpets so easily. It’s also effective on smooth surfaces since its Parquet Twister brush has been designed for that purpose.

Let’s talk about its versatility; this unit offers a self-adjusting automatic setting, that automatically adjusts the suction power depending on the floor type. The wheels on the bottom of the canister are big enough to rotate smoothly, allowing you to move from hard floor to deep carpets with minimal effort.

There is also a telescoping wand that allows you to clean high end corners, upholstery, curtains etc. and easily retracts with the push of a button.

The unit has six power levels that can be controlled by a footswitch and when you’re done the vacuuming, there is a button to rewind the power cord automatically. It is also quite easy to store the unit since there is a spot for parking the wand on the side of the vacuum.

What makes Miele Complete C3 Marin vacuum cleaner stand strong among others is its modernized air filtration system. Comprising a 3D Efficiency Dust Bag, it is able to trap micro-sized allergens while its Hepa AirClean Filter works wonders for allergy sufferers. The bag can hold up to 4.76 quarts of debris.

Furthermore, it has a bag replacement indicator located on the top of the canister so you know when the bag is full and needs to be changed.

The C3 Marine comes with variety of accessories to help you with cleaning as well. You get an electro premium floor head with LED, a parquet twister floor head, a dusting brush, upholstery tool and crevice nozzle.

As per experts, Miele Complete C3 Marin vacuum cleaner has passed several tests and won the Good Housekeeping Seal.

Things to Consider:

  • Need for bagless vacuums – In spite of owning a sealed system and self-locking bags, users of Miele might still be looking for bagless vacuums.
  • Bag size – Although it has a good suction strength, the size of the bag might be a concern for some users.
  • It’s heavy to carry up – Some people are also concern about its weight. They found it difficult to carry it up and downstairs.


The Miele Complete C3 is a multi-surface vacuum cleaner, which is VERY effective at cleaning and filtering lung damaging particles. It’s a perfect pick for allergy and asthma sufferers. It’s also one of the best hepa canister vacuum available in the market.

4. Shark Ninja NV70

Superior in performance, light in weight, and value for money, the Shark Ninja Canister NV70 has won many hearts in being the best vacuum cleaner for allergy sufferer.

What you will love about this model is its hassle-free installation and user-friendliness. The way it holds on to its suction is quite impressive and lets you do effortless cleaning on carpets and bare floors. 

Even allergy victims can now enjoy maximum protection owing to its Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology. What this technology does is that it traps dust and irritants by means of its exclusive Hepa filter, arresting 99.9 percent of allergens in the vacuum.

The swivel steering that it features makes maneuvering so easy while its detachable canister that is also quite portable lets it flexibly reach places that are difficult to access. What has also led this cleaner to win praises from all over is, its extra-large capacity along with the dust cup that takes no effort and time to empty. The Shark Ninja Canister NV70 has even left no question in terms of bare floor and deep carpet cleaning.

As mentioned earlier, Shark Ninja Canister NV70 is portable as it weighs around 15.2 pounds. The power cord provided is 30 feet long. (Shark also manufacture cordless model , take a look this article for a shark cordless vacuum with hepa filter.)

Things to Consider:

  • Noise reduction – Although Shark Ninja Canister NV70 has not much complains about the sound it emits, this model doesn’t come with noise reduction technology.
  • Hard floor cleaning – According to some customers, this vacuum has not been able to hold on to its cleaning ability on hard floors. However, carpet cleaning by some has been appreciated.


Shark Ninja Canister NV70 is among the high-rated canister vacuum cleaners as per our analysis. There is no harm choosing it for your home or office. Just make sure about the cleaning requirements you have, and this would possibly prove to be a winner in this context.

5. Vacmaster VK811PH: Best Hepa Shop Vac

If you have fallen prey to allergies, it’s the Vacmaster Industrial 8 Gallon vacuum cleaner that would bring you the best results. It’s a true hepa shop vac with pretty good suction power.

This Hepa Certified vacuum runs on a 2-stage ultra-quiet motor. Its filtration system comes in four levels that include microfiber pre-filter, Hepa cartridge filter, exhaust filter and a high-quality bag with closure flap that filters dust. Hence the exhaust filter is also hepa, those potential allergens (even the small particles) have no chance to escape back into the air. Owing to its Hepa filter, it arrests up to 99.9% of the contaminants in the vacuum. 

The canister tank of this wet/Dry vac can hold up to 8 gallons of waste. That means you don’t have to clean it frequently. 

This hepa canister vacuum is powered by a Crush Proof Polypropylene Tank that equipped with ball bearing caster wheels for simple and sturdy portability. Plus, as it weighs 19.4 pounds, it does not take much effort to maneuver. An ideal choice for seniors or people with weight lifting restrictions.

The Vacmaster Industrial 8 Gallon vacuum cleaner has bagged admiring reviews from customers who have highly appreciated its suction power. Plus, it does a great job keeping fine dust at bay. Another aspect that has left a lot of users satisfied is its ability to pick up liquids through a crush proof industrial hose, a lighted plug, and a foam filter sleeve. 

The price also has been kept affordable and would not burn a hole in your wallet. The Environmental Protection Agency of the United States has approved it in terms of its efficiency in trapping micro-size particles at its best.

As per reviewers, this is the best Hepa vacuum for mold and comes at a buyable price. Families will love it for sure.

Things to Consider:

  • Debris holding capacity – Although the name comprises 8 gallons, this vacuum cleaner does not hold debris of the same capacity.
  • Design and construction – In spite of having an ergonomic design and sturdy construction, this vacuum cleaner has its parts made out of inferior molded plastic.


The Vacmaster Industrial 8 Gallon vacuum cleaner scores high in both power and performance. Right from cleaning debris to eliminating pet hairs, this vacuum cleaner is indeed a great pick for homeowners as well as those who own pets.

6. Hoover T-Series WindTunnel

Hoover has been manufacturing incredible cleaning appliances for quite some years, and this time they have come up with this upright corded vacuum cleaner, UH70120.

This model from T-series comes equipped with the brand’s exclusive WindTunnel technology that eliminates debris from the surface and pulls out trapped dirt from the floors. Weighing under 17 pounds, it takes no effort to move flexibly up and down the stairs while its on-board attachments make it convenient to clean curtains and furniture effortlessly.

What users have appreciated about this Hoover T-series vacuum cleaner is its carpet height adjustments at five different positions. This helps in customizing the brushroll for a more superior performance. Having the System Check Indicator, this cleaner lets users know when the Hepa filter needs to be checked or cleaned. Moreover, the 25-foot cord can be simply activated by tapping the pedal. For easy storage, the user needs to simply retract and rewind the cord.

Cleaning stairs and furniture is, moreover, going to be a challenge with this Hoover T-series vacuum cleaner as it comes with an air powered turbo tool. Even the crevice tool that comes along the device makes it so easy to access crevices and cracks.

Things to Consider:

  • Using the hand tools – Users have found the hand tools to be not of good use on the carpets. So, make sure these tools don’t end up burning your carpet.
  • Overheating – The cleaner on getting a bit heated turns off automatically. You might have to wait for about an hour or two.


A nice, compact and lightweight multi-floor vacuum cleaner that is extremely worth for households. Given its wide range of features, it is a smart cleaning solution at a fair price.

7. Kenmore Elite 31150: Best Bagged Hepa Vacuum

Vacuuming will now seem to be more pleasurable, effective and safer with Kenmore Elite 31150. Having owned this high-tech vacuum cleaner, it would be quite beneficial for allergy sufferers as well as pet keepers. 

Since it’s a bagged vacuum, it is more hygienic especially if you’re sensitive with the dust and pollen. The unit will contain the particles securely within a closed bag during vacuuming and when you’re done, you simply dispose the bag. The sucked up particles has zero chance of getting back in to the air.

Moreover, what strengthens its cleaning abilities is its 3D inducer motor that fuses the ability of three motors at the same time, delivering 20% more air power in comparison to a typical upright vacuum cleaner. Also, it features triple Hepa filtration that traps about 99% of dust, debris, pollen, and others so as to purify the air, making it breathable.

What makes it worthy among other vacuum cleaners is its infrared dirt sensor that comes with an LED to show where you actually need to utilize the cleaning power. Once the floor is cleaned completely, the LED automatically turns off. Many users have even talked a lot about its 5-height adjustments that make the cleaning more efficient and better the airflow. Even when it comes to climbing high shelves or places up to 10 feet high, the telescoping wand will make things possible.

Kenmore Elite 31150 weighs 20 pounds and is quite compact with dimensions of 14.2 x 13.8 x 45.8 inches. The cord length is 35 feet and is quite convenient for use.

Things to Consider:

  • Hose flexibility – The hose cannot be stretched according to some users and might sometimes seem to be very tight.
  • Loudness – While maneuvering around rooms, this vacuum cleaner makes a bit of noise, proving to be unpleasant for the years.


With an out of the world suction, Kenmore Elite 31150 is worth considering for keeping homes clean and safe as much as possible. If you are having pets at home, this cleaner will fix things up in a jiffy.

What is a Hepa Vacuum Cleaner?

Falling prey to allergies or asthma is probably the last thing on earth you will want. In fact, if one of these gets aggravated by particle allergens, your health conditions will take no time to turn from bad to worse. 

This is a big reason why homeowners bring vacuum cleaners. However, these, in turn, result in the redistribution of allergens and thereafter lead to respiratory complications.

The best vacuum for dust mites will, therefore, be a Hepa vacuum cleaner that controls dust mites, irritants, pollens etc. at your home and refreshes your indoors, keeping you away from dirt and allergens. Moreover, Hepa vacuum cleaners come with exclusive Hepa filters that are highly advanced in removing over 99% of micro-particles.

The latest models, however, include filter bags and capture such minute particles that are impossible to be identified by the naked eye.

Why should you get a Best Hepa Filter Vacuum ?

In comparison to a traditional vacuum cleaner, Hepa vacuum cleaners are any day beneficial as these are extremely efficient in trapping dust particles and mites.They’re equipped with unique allergen-trapping filtration system. Besides, there are many reasons why you should own a Hepa vacuum cleaner. Have a look:

Keeps the air clean –

Living in a healthy environment is a must and for this, you need to ensure that the air inside is free of contaminants. A Hepa vacuum cleaner  prevents the emission of impurities and would keep the air cleaner and safer.

Stops flaring up asthma or allergies –

According to the research of The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, ” Vacuum cleaners stir up allergens that have settled on carpet and make allergies worse”. If you are aiming to keep your workplace or home allergen-free, you should look for the best Hepa vacuum for allergies. A vacuum cleaner with Anti-allergen technology would eliminate all sort of dust, smoke, bacteria etc. to ensure safety for those suffering from asthma or allergies.

Compact in size  –

Forget those old and hefty vacuum cleaners as those with Hepa filters are much compact in size. As a result, you will be able to hold it well without any strain in your hands.

Considerations Before Buying a Best Hepa Vacuum for Allergies:

We all have used vacuum cleaners at some point of time, haven’t we? So, we are more or less aware of what to consider before buying one. But when it comes to buying top rated Hepa vacuum cleaner, you need to consider a few factors. Let’s take a quick look at some of these:

How easy it is to use  –

User-friendliness is a big consideration while buying a Hepa vacuum cleaner. You not only
need to check the buttons but also its maneuverability and also whether the dust bin can be emptied easily and even the changing of bags. Also, you should be able to grip the handle well and ensure that it reaches the hardest of areas.

How smoothly it can perform –

One of the best ways to test the performing abilities of a Hepa vacuum cleaner is to check it yourself. If you are buying one from a store physically, you can always ask for a test drive where you can check dust and dirt cleaning, odor removal etc. on all sorts of surfaces. If it passes all these tests, you will have a good idea of its performance.

How powerful is the suction –

More than how much electricity the motor of the device would need, the suction power is what will actually matter. Yes, it’s the vacuum’s suction power that would make all the difference and be the deciding factor as well.

How smoothly it reaches the hard-to-reach spots –

This is a challenge a lot of homeowners face while vacuuming. Usually, Hepa vacuum cleaners have ergonomic designs that actually get half the job done. If it is an upright vacuum, make sure to take the hose into account. The cord length is also a crucial factor that should be a bit long for convenience. 

How strong is the airflow –

Airflow in vacuum cleaners is measured in Cubic Feet Per Minute (CFM), and if you are looking for the best dust vacuum cleaner, it should have a higher CFM rating. So, while buying one, make sure it has a good CFM rate so that you will have no complains with its airflow.

Well, these factors would be good enough to help you buy a quality Hepa vacuum cleaner. Just make sure it is rightly priced and you will surely have a cracking deal.

Summing Up Of Best Hepa Filter Vacuum Cleaner:

Now that you are done with the best Hepa vacuum reviews, it will no more seem to be an impossible task to pick the best cleaner. Just make sure that it does not weigh much and that it lets you maneuver around rooms with no complications. Check each and every feature of the model and ensure that it has all the necessary attachments including the crevice tools, the dusting brush and more.

Of course, the suction power can never go neglected, which is again a very crucial feature to keep in mind while buying a Hepa vacuum cleaner. Go for a worthy investment and make your rooms cleaner like never before.